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  1. I am needing as much info as I can get on these, specifically schematics and tone control potentiometer specs. I think my pot's are ready to be replaced so I am needing the resistance specs for the mid and tweeter pots. Many thanks for any info!
  2. Great! Thanks, those were the specs I was after!
  3. I am looking for any info on these fine bookshelf sized speakers. I have spent lot of time on google trying to find anything but haven't had any luck. Here is the thread I started on the AK forum. It containes pics of the speakers in question. Thanks for any help! http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=438388
  4. Hello everyone. I just picked up my first and certainly not my last pair of Bozak's yesterday. They are a near mint pair of B-305 in a, I believe, a walnut veneer. All speakers function and sound very pleasing. I bought them from the original owner and are all original except the grill cloth which he replaced with original type cloth. I was wondering what recommended crossover upgrades are recommended and where I would be able to buy said upgrades from. Are there any other recommended upgrades for these monsters? Thanks for any help!
  5. And here is the Maggy amp running them..
  6. I just received a refurbed Maggy tube amp and a refurbed Heathkit AA100 today. I tried both out on the AR's and all I can say is WOW. It is a night and day difference from running them on a solid state amp. I will never go back to solid state for my TT system again, the tubes have me hooked now!
  7. Darn, too bad you weren't selling these a year ago. I was stationed at Fort Lewis by Tacoma. Would of loved to pick these up!
  8. I actually picked it up from a friend that restores old electronics as a hobby. He did complete check up on it before he sold it to me so there is no crackling or popping when powering on and off, ect. It is an absolutely awesome receiver!
  9. I just picked up a mint Pioneer SX-636 for $40. I was looking for a receiver that would help my AR-2A's to shine. I had a Yamaha CR-400 which made them sound mediocre. After hooking the AR's up to the Pioneer, all I can say is WOW. The Pioneer really brightened up the highs and brought out some very surprising lows! So, in conclusion, I would have to say if you are looking for a receiver that will compliment your AR's, I would have to recommend giving this receiver a shot. On a side note, the receiver looks quite pleasing as well! Here is some retro pics I took:
  10. Great news! Thanks for the info everyone. This will aid in my decision on a tube amp.
  11. Wow, lots of science and math involved! I don't have a particular amp I am looking at quite yet. Most of them have been the the 15w rms per channel range. I mostly listen to classical and am radio with a bit of country and classic rock tossed in between. I don't listen at loud levels, mostly slightly higher than background volume. I am not sure of the room size but it isn't very big.
  12. Whats the lowest wattage tube amp that I can comfortably run my AR-2A's with? Thanks for any info!
  13. Finally got my emblem plates for the grills and they look absolutely great! I'll get some pics up tomorrow of the completed project. Thanks for everyone's help and guidance!
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