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  1. Thanks for the reply. Fired them up last night and they sound pretty sweet. Thanks for the advice on the domes. I have been successful popping out domes on other speakers withough much trouble. is there something about these speakers that would make them less 'poppable'? Good call on the tweeter. sadly it is the worst pushed in of the bunch. I will have to give it another listen to check the status of the voice coil. Overall they sounded pretty good once i got the tweeter level dialed in (using the POT on the back). At the start, they were very shrill sounding in the high end. By the time i had fiddled a bit they were sounding pretty nice. Though I noticed that the high end was not detailed as I had hoped. The bottom end was pretty nice. Especially compared to the Ditton 110's I have been listening to lately. I think these may be good candidates for a recap. Though I have read their crossover may be a bit complex.
  2. Just picked up this pair... They look awesome. I have been reading on AudioKarma for a few hours all of the DLK threads. I am going to fire these up tonight and try them out... but I could not resist posting some initial pics. One is missing the tweeter grill and 5 out of the 6 drivers are poked in but look un-pokeable. Can you guess which one is NOT poked in? Does anyone have any other info on these? Manuals / paperwork / opinions?
  3. Rizzoj2000, thank you very much for posting this. awesome to see the manual! I have 1A (non slow blow) in there for now I am not pushing them too hard and they are holding fine. It is good to know that I can move to 2A if I need to though. Awesome. How are your 103's holding up? Have you done any work on them? (recapping?) thanks again!
  4. JoeDotCom

    AVID 230

    Bummer i just saw this today, i saw an orphan 230 at the goodwill near my house (chicago burbs) in awesome condition this weekend, though the woofer needed to be refoamed. I did not pick it up because i am not sure what i would do w/ an orphan, but i bet the wolfer would have worked for you if you were up for a refoam.
  5. Thanks Vern and Kent! Good advice. These are the first nice set of speakers that i have needed to 'work on' that I have owned. (i acquired a pair of Polk RTA 12's that are in great shape and did not need any tinkering as far as I can see. ) Just so I understand, the fuse is there to protect the mid and high drivers from getting overloaded, yah? So the only problem w/ putting in too small of a fuse would be popping the fuse? (I am in a townhouse, so i dont think I will ever play loud enough to hit half of what these things can do.) As for the tweeters being damaged... they sound fine to me. my neighbor and I ran some MP3's and vinyl through them the other night and they sounded fine to me. I dont have a trained year, but I think/hope I could recognize distortion if a driver sounded blown I think. Could there have been more subtle damage? -Joe
  6. Hi Everyone (this is my first post) I recently acquired a pair of Avid 103's that need the fuses in each replaced. Does anyone know what size fuse belongs in there? The blown fuse that I got them with were 2A. I am not sure on the whole backstory on these speakers. I did repair the wire connecting of the tweeters that was severed, but aside from that they are well maintained. I was going to blindly replace the fuses w/ the same that were in there (2A) but i figured I would research a bit and see if that is really what they need. (plus researching old speakers is superfun!) -Joe
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