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  1. I have to agree. Roy has helped me innumerable times. Thanks again, sir!
  2. I agree with Glenn completely. I recently updated my old AR3a rebuild post from 2012, because the original pots I thoroughly cleaned and reused had failed once again, after only 4 or 5 years. I had also replaced the woofer's foam surrounds, and rebuilt the crossovers. This time, however, I decided to purchase the pots currently being sold on eBay by "capatianfantastic07" instead of once again dealing with the original and problematic pots, only to risk them failing again very soon. Beginning on pg. 5 of the post (here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/7440-upcoming-ar3a-project/), I documented the installation of these new pots. They are a drop-in replacement, and don't require any modifications to the crossover networks, or cabinets. Yes, they're a bit pricey compared to L-Pads for sure but, I still wanted to maintain them as close to original as possible. I couldn't be happier with the results, and installation was very straightforward and simple. I did need to make a couple of creative decisions as to how they should be installed, because of the tabs, and threaded mount differences - you can read those observations in my post. Nothing anyone else couldn't have done on their own. Also, Chris rebuilt my tweeters this time. One was effectively dead. Like others here, I can attest to the quality of his work, and tell you you'll be very happy with the results. It's no wonder they still command such a high value on the vintage audio market.
  3. fran604g

    KLH Model Twenty

    Thanks guys, I think I found my next speaker project.
  4. fran604g

    KLH Model Twenty

    ? hmmm...I have a pair of these stashed. Never tried them out. How might they compare to something like the Lg. Advents?
  5. Did I forget to mention how nice it is to be able to dial in the exact tone I like without scratchy, dead-spots pots? I did forget? Well, let me tell you: it's NICE!
  6. I know the "numbers" don't lie, but for the record I think the low end is right where my ears like it to be. I really wouldn't want to add any more bass to the equation. These speakers can really pump out the the low end - as we all know. Maybe it's because I've taylored my sound systems to my own preference for so long that I can instantly dial it in for me. I also noticed when playing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" (a very bass-heavy tune) that I was seeing signals below 40Hz registering in the same -50 /-75 range. Keep in mind I am NOT an expert with RTA/Spectrum Analyzer territory by any means. I'm just poking around in the dark here. BTW, there was no enhancement made to the digital signal with JRiver - any and all DSP features were disabled except for their recommended "Output Format" (No Change, and JRSS Mixing), and "Volume Leveling" (Album Based, and Clip Protection) features. Honestly - this time around - I haven't noticed anything negative. In 2012, I was surprised by their sound, but not nearly as impressed as I am today. The correct inductor, professionally restored tweeters, new rheostats, and some real diligence on my part (a very difficult task for those of us who are ADHD!) this time, has paid off in spades! Thanks again for everyone's help putting my iconic and much appreciated 3a's back in order.
  7. Creative Audigy Rx SB card, mini out to RCA interconnect.
  8. It was taken from my listening chair. Centered between them at 6 ft. to my ears, with them 6 feet apart each other. My audio room is something that might cause apoplexy from the serious listener though, so be forewarned. I move all the antique phonos out of the room when I really want to do some critical listening. I'll say this: they're perfectly balanced, the soundstage is wide and deep, and they image like crazy! I've been playing both my digital files, and vinyl. Vinyl really shines, but I'm not missing anything with digital either. Soundsmith Otello, DUAL 1229, Adcom GFP-710, TAD 60 w/ 6550 Tung-Sol reissues. The front end digital isn't anything special: custom built PC running win10, JRiver into the GFP-710, etc. Very near field, obviously. But, it all suits me.
  9. I took another reading, because of the bump around 130 Hz. We have a bump in the road out in front of my house, and as we're a state route, trucks frequently bounce Right. In. Front. Of. My. Audio. Room. At any rate, I conducted another reading with white noise, and the bump disappeared. Thankfully! Tested with both pots @ factory "dot" positions.
  10. I did a quick white noise RTA with my Android just to "see" how they are performing. The red line was max. hold.
  11. Hiya folks, This morning I got my tweeters back from Chris and just finished up putting the 3a's back together. Took em for a spin, and I'm truly stunned at the results! They've never sounded as good to me as they do right now! I'm a very happy camper. Despite them not being a "matched" pair - and years apart in production, with factory upgraded drivers in one of them, you'd never know! I'm completely in love with them again for the first time. My sincere thanks to Chris and Roy for their indispensable help in the resurrection of these iconic speakers! Cheers ya'll, Fran
  12. A quick update: I received the correct #9 woofer inductor from Roy, and installed it earlier. Onward!
  13. Thank you, Roy, that's what I'll go with.
  14. Thanks Dean, visual inspection was a problem. I simply cannot tell which way it's moving. Fran
  15. Roy, Out of curiosity, what have you discovered with the mid range drivers? Also, how would I be able to determine whether the phasing is correct with them? My apologies if this topic has been explained elsewhere. Fran
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