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  1. Hi Carlspeak Thanks for the reply, Yes I imagine they are European as I live in the UK, I picked them up off ebay here along with the Amp for £37.00 seemed to good to miss. I cant find any serial numbers, I have taken some better shots which may help, I think although a pair they may be from different era ? Thanks Ian
  2. Hi, I am refurbishing a pair of 2ax and have noticed that one of the cross overs use the old block capacitors and one uses the newer cylindricl types. Also on the back of the tweeter on the first speaker there are resistors and a further capacitor. I would like to re cap the pair and I wondered if I just go ahead and buy a pair of 6 and 4 UF caps and proceed or if the values on the first tweeter need to be matched on the second tweeter. I hope the photo will explain more clearly ! Any advice would be most welcome Thanks Iab
  3. Hi Carlspeak Recapping, excuse my ignorance Im not very familiar with crossovers, is that replacing the capacitors ? If so do I just buy the same values as the originals, is it possible to test them? Thanks Ian
  4. Thanks Tom, good idea using a full range speaker to test and the tube! I can hear that they are not working in the cabinet so it must be a crossover / pots problem just wondered if theres a weak spot I should check first I guess Im going to have to buy and learn how to use a multi meter. Cheers
  5. Hi Guys Im restoring a pair of AR5 s and have just received a replacement pair of tweeters from the US as both the old ones were blown. The new teeters work fine when tested independently but when I put them back in the 5s they are not working, so I guessed there was connection problem. I cleaned the pots and have done all the obvious things but still no sound, I wondered if there is a crossover component that may have blown ? Interestingly the old blown tweeters that I took out were AR replacement ones (the cabinet hole had been slightly enlarged at one point to fit the terminal) , this suggested that there may be an ongoing component problem which may have blown the original factory ones and the second replacement tweeters? Obviously I dont want to risk my new replacements as they are a bit like hens teeth over here in the UK ! Any thoughts would be most welcome Thanks
  6. Ha Ha! the "stands" are a pair of 4xa's cloth cone surrounds that I picked up on "Gumtree" for nothing, well I gave the guy a bottle of wine! The big white ones are Audio Note ANE's that I built from Audio Note supplied matched drivers, Audio Note developed their speakers on designs by Peter Snell, from the US. Early Snells are wonderful speakers, which Im sure you know about. So both my favorite speakers are from the USA ! All the best Ian
  7. Hi Kent Yes I am keeping the brass machine screws as binding posts, The reason why I initially questioned their conductivity was because of the problem of the tweeter. (I knew that many electrical items such as sockets etc use brass but) I suddenly thought the brass may be the problem, then I looked up on the internet and found this link http://www.kp44.org/ftp/ElectricalConductivityOfMaterials.php which implies brass its not a good conductor....In reality the tweeter problem was nothing to do with the brass but link just added to my confusion ! Unfortunately the original tie points were not on the four chopped up parts of the original AR5 speakers when I picked them up but using washers with the nuts and making sure the wires are taped and dont wind up when tightened then the connections seem firm and safe. I have now put the old damping material back in and sealed them up. Just been listening to Bill Frissell " Good Dog Happy Man" and they sound great, very natural and integrated, very nice bass and mid range and a rolled off top end, over all Im very impressed with the units considering their age. Thanks for your help and encouragement, and for making me go back and have another tweak at the tweeter. Ian
  8. Hi Vern Thanks for your suggestions and advice, So using brass machine screws through the baffle will not adversely affect the conductivity and the performance of the mid and tweeter as brass isnt such a good conductor? Will definitely get some knurled nuts and washers, off to my local Homebase. Thanks Ian
  9. Yes ! I think that was the problem, I was also using brass terminal terminal small bolts coming through the baffle, not very conductive! they are actually sounding very good. I have a pair of 2ax as comparison, I may keep the bodged boxes ( once cleaned up a bit) Im using good caps on the tweet and electrolytes on the mid and bass...... Im just learning but having fun, which is what its all about. Thanks again Ian
  10. Hi Kent You are a star! Because of your encouragement I went back to the shed and had another poke around the duff tweeter and low and behold its now working, I am delighted thank you ! I think what was happening was the two very fine wires before they dive under the little dome were maybe shorting on the exposed ring of metal casing which isnt protected by the black adhesive cover, the exposed metal does have a transparent sort of glue on it which I guess helps hold the cap on and stops the fine wires from shorting out? Any way thanks again for your kind help and encouragement. New capacitors ordered, I will keep you posted. All the best Ian
  11. HI Kent Thanks for your message and very helpful advice. After much swopping about I now think it is one of the tweeters that has gone, which is very frustrating as I waited a long time to get the pair from the US. Oh well back to searching the web for another tweeter. I will use this time to learn how to change the capacitors. I was wondering, would capacitors in the UK be coded the same as the US as I will need 4, 24 and 72 MFD types and would these be electrolytic, bi polar, sorry I have no knowledge of these things.... Enclosed a couple of shots of the trial cabinets, I will eventually make them in a higher density ply but this is just to get the volumes. Thanks again for your help Best regards Ian
  12. Hi Im currently re housing some units from a pair of AR 5s which I picked up cheep as the previous owner had chopped them in half to fit into a bureau ! Yes true.. Ive made the cabinets but on wiring them up I think one of the crossovers is not supplying the tweeter, I have checked both tweeters so I know the unit isnt the problem and I have cleaned thoroughly the pots so I dont think its the normal cut out which is caused by dirty pots. Unfortunately although I can solder I dont know one end of a capacitor to the other Any ideas where I should start to look? Thanks
  13. Ha Ha, Yes Not AR5x but xAR5 !
  14. Thansk for your offer Shacky Im in the UK so a bit of a problem! I like making stuff so new boxes it is , will post some photos when done Ibis
  15. Thanks Genek Enjoying the drawings in the excellent Library. Cheers Ibis
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