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  1. Hi, Any other options for NLA surrounds other than the ubiquitous foam ones? I got my pair of NLAs back in 2007. Original surrounds were toast by then. Installed a pair and they lasted maybe a dozen years. Here we are again with cracked/rotted surrounds... I don't know how many refoams my cones can take. It's difficult cleaning off the old surround and glue residue with each refoaming. I figure in my life at the current rate I have at least 3 more refoams left. 😁 I know rubber or cloth would likely change the characteristics of the speaker but I don't think it would significantly... I'd be willing to try. Midwest Speaker sells rubber ones but the inner lip is angled and would be difficult to install as the cone lip is flat. Where could I purchase rubber or cloth surrounds with flat inner lips? Or are all of you NLA owners running the same foam surrounds? Cheers!
  2. Hi briodo, Saw that but I mean, if I am going to ship cabs... I probably would pass on those unless mickiganpat's cabs are worse. And at that point, my cabs don't look all THAT bad... Thanks, Chris
  3. Sounds good to me. I replaced the caps in my NLAs with stock values and noticed an improvement, it was fairly significant and considered a cheap "upgrade". I think I bought Daytons when I rebuilt those NLAs, which specific one, I dunno. I will check the drivers first before spending a dime. Yes, yes. I will assess the condition of the drivers. My goal is to get these working as cheaply as possible to see how I like them. Who knows? I might actually dislike them... BTW, these woofs definitely have the cloth surrounds. Going on the serial and the other appointments (red pot shafts), looks like these might be 1968-ish... I love to ask questions, sounds like a match. =) Thanks for everyone's help thus far! Chris
  4. Hi, I have my Klipsch Fortes for fairly loud rock. I am looking forward to some different textures these can provide compared to my Fortes and NLAs. Thanks for the advice. I'll let y'all know how it turns out in the next week or two when I pull these apart. Chris
  5. Hi, New member here, although I posted on the forum as a guest before. Have some questions about a pair of AR 2ax speakers I picked up for free. However, they are rough. In one, the woofer is not working, and in the other the tweeter and/or midrange is not working (I have not tried them out yet, this is what the former owner told me). My current setup at home is a pair of New Large Advents and a pair of Klipsch Fortes. I run either with a Sansui integrated AU-517. I like the Advents and am thinking the ARs would be similar, yet different. My suspicion is that these could work particularly well with the Sansui. I was thinking about pulling them apart and at the very least redoing the pots and rebuilding the crossovers (to stock specification, of course). If the woofer, midrange and/or tweeter was bad, I was hoping to recone them. I was thinking that the midrange and/or tweeter could be due to the pots with the known problem of pots going bad over time. But the hardest thing for me to "fix" is these cabs. They are fairly rough. Most concerning is the swelling of the MDF in the corners/joints. Refinishing is easy, but I am no carpenter. I'm afraid of putting money into refurbishing them and then having them fall apart on me or whatever. Speaker 1: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Speaker 2: Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 These apparently have cloth-surround woofers, an "AR Inc." badge (no "2ax" on the badge which looks unusual to me, I've seen many pictures of these with the "2ax" badges), and a plywood back (as opposed to MDF). Anyone know what year these are based on the serial (AX85476)? These come up fairly rarely for sale locally. I'm tempted to toss them and look on eBay for a nicer pair, but the shipping could kind of kill me. What would y'all do with this pair in my situation? Thanks, Chris
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