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  1. Sorry - should have added - Kent - Thanks for the extra detailed info. :-)
  2. Hi all, Downloaded AND read (several times). Excellent AND informative. I'm pretty clear on what repairs need to be done and what parts I need - but what I'm looking for is a one-stop shop supplier to send me all the bits, without me having to seek them out individually - hence the question, really :-) Thanks, Tim.
  3. Hi. I have a pair of early AR3a's (1969). All the drivers are fine, but the pots are worn out, which is killing the mid and high frequencies. I'm not one to look forward to taking them apart and replacing the pots, but if it has to be done I may as well do the capacitors as well (assuming they are originals - I haven't looked yet). I'm not much of an electrical engineer - I can use a soldering iron and I know what a capacitor and a pot do (more or less) and can use a multimeter, but I dont relish the idea of trekking the net to find the right components, or spending ages fitting them. Appeciate that the excellent restoration guide on these pages will tell me much of what I need to know, but does anyone know of some suppliers who will just send me the bits I need, with simple installation instructions? (i.e. remove this old capacitor here, solder this new one there, etc?). I've looked around, but cant find anything. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks :-) Tim.
  4. Thanks all. Will take some photos and post forthwith :-)
  5. Beloved 2 year old daughter has pushed in the cones on both the sub and the tweeter on one of my Beloved 1969 AR3a's. Sensible, tried and tested suggestions on how to fix, by you experienced speaker fiends gratefully received :-)
  6. Hi, New here. Acquired a Have a very early pair of 3a's (1969). All fine except for one dead mid range diver. At least I think its dead - when unsoldered from the front face connection block , I measure an open circuit between the two external wires leading from the voice coil. I understand from the restoration msnual on these pages that the mids are not repairable. Any suggestions for a reliable source of vintage replacements? Also, thoughts on the contemporary replacements on offer. Saw some yamaha ones on Ebay. Any good? Any suggestions appreciated. Tim.
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