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  1. Thanks Roy, will do. I did place an order with Larry so will see how I like his material. BTW sorry about the spell check - the correct word was "coarse" material, not "course".
  2. I just received an order of the 18 CT "Irish Linen" from 1-2-3 Stitch and find it to be darker than I would like, more tan/light brown rather than off white/white, and quite course, I called 1-2-3 and they offered an 28 CT "White Jubilee" or "White Lugana" as substitutes, anyone have experience with these? I'm looking for something with texture to it, but fine enough weave to work on 4Xs and 2Axs. Here are a different pair of 4Xs in process with the last of the cloth I had as gift from a friend.
  3. Hi - I have a set of both AR 4Xs and 4Xas - I previously restored the 4Xs and assumed the parts were the same for both - should have checked before ordering! Anyway, the tweeters are bad in the 4Xas, and they are not interchangable with the 4Xs, the outside diameter is 3.5 inches vs 4.5 inches, and they have the hair thin wires on the face, rather than the rear terminals, anyone out there know a source for replacement tweeters for the 4Xas? I bought the tweeter replacements for the 4Xs off Mid West Speaker Repair and they work fine. The 4X also has the old wax caps and the 4Xas have the polypro types. The 4X has an Lpad and the 4Xa just a high/low switch in the rear. From the AR history looks like the 4X was 1965-73 and the 4Xa was the end of the run - 1973-74.
  4. axoneill

    Roy Cizek

    I'll add my brush with Roy Cizek as well. In 1974 I had a summer job at a contract speaker manufacturer on Canal St in Lawrence MA - Ultrawood, I was a college engineering kid with some knowledge of acoustics just looking to earn spending money. Ultrawood primarily made boxes for Advent, other New England speaker companies came to us for prototype runs or if they had a shortage of a particular model. Their ambition was to become a full fledged speaker manufacturer, and the technical designer was Roy Cizek. I remember he and Ron in the factory absorbing the processes despite being blind, and talking with the company owners about their concepts. I was a lowly machine operator and set up man, but was not shy about giving my own advice and told them they would never be able to compete with the likes of AR and Henry Kloss at Advent (which collectively owned the category at the time) and I'll never forget the response Roy gave me - "they put their pants on one leg at a time - just like us...". I lost all contact with the company after that summer, and see that Roy did proceed first in Andover, and then in Lawrence. Does anyone out there know what became of Ultrawood? Did they morph into Cizek? So nice to learn of the outcome of Roy's designs, I never would know if I hadn't stumbled on this site. Andy O'Neill
  5. We all tried to personalize the cabinets when the QA inspector wasn't looking that closely, I could inspect an Advent box and tell which ones I had cut out the terminal block on the rear. Advent was sending a lot back after failing their own QA inspection and that was the end of the personalization. We took the failed cabinets and broke out the front piece and used them as a cube style book case in my college dorm room among other uses.
  6. I worked at a contract speaker box manufacturer in Lawrence MA the summer of 1974 as a college kid. We did a lot of wood grain vinyl rectangular boxes, mostly for Advent, and did a sample run for Avid, and I remember driving the truckload down to East Providence and unloading while they inspected and tested them out. The company was just getting their consumer line going then. Thanks for forcing me to remember that experience!
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