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  1. Gotta love the internet! Just found a supplier of the ERO MKT1813 6,0uF (+/-5%) caps! UK based and as you can imagine, not going to break the bank. Getting the smaller 0,33uF's is no problem. Sorted, as the younger generation say.
  2. It's only 'non-purist' aesthetically. And as for the original caps, if the designers opted for the small cap. in parallel, why shouldn't I go with the same, or as close as availability allows? My usual supplier has; 5,6uF @ 1% & 0,65uF @ 5% (or is 0,65 too high to be regarded as a bypass?) And the original specs under the magnifying glass: ERO MKT1813 6uF 250v (+/-5%) and ERO1813 Film Cap 0,33uF 250v (+/-10%)
  3. Got the 4 ohm from that article! Did also check with MM and from the inputs got 3,8ohm? Just as a benchmark, switching between the Leaks and these, and with a constant , non adjusted volume, the Sopranos were 50% louder. Rarely go more than 3 oclock anyway. Jury's still out on what cap(s). 40 years on, the range is immeasurable to what it was. If I 'just' went with a 6,2uF, surely only measuring equipment could record any audible differences. 6,2uF @ 1% now must be within tolerances of 6,0uF (+/- 10%) & 0,33uF (+/- 5%) 40 years ago.? Or do I mix as they did, and go for the small 0,33uF, and two 3,0uF @ 1% (6,0uF are like hens teeth!) Cheers
  4. So then, the sad picture was due to fact that they had glued the panel to the cabinet. Chipboard was always going to break. Will fashion a new plinth. Should I be exact both in values and type of capacitors? A readily available single 6,2uF surely would suffice? Running a thread over on Audiokarma, but I'll post the first batch on here also! So it's a full strip-down 100% restoration: Cabinets are 9/10 already, but damage to some corners. Will fill, veneer and make good. The wooden dowels have already been sanded away. To be replaced with plastic pegs. All drivers working perfectly, but as you can see, there's four small bolts missing on one of the tweeters. Have taken two off of the other one for now, but will obviously source replacements. The crossover's a simple job. Just deciding on what "exactly" to replace the old caps with. As with my Leak Sandwiches (see photo), I'm going to have too 'modernize' the aesthetics: The front panel is 8mm mdf. Everything else, real wood veneer that will come up beautifully after a weekend's work. They're keepers, so I'm not interested in maintaining the "period" look. Some things I do, example my Lenco L70 with existing arm and bakelite headshell, and this time, no. The mdf panel with be filled and sanded, and then sprayed satin back. There will the nice detail of a 5mm frame of real wood still. This panel was never meant to be seen. Coupled with half a litre of caulk that they used, it's not nice to look at. I'm going to fashion foam gaskets instead. I'm also going to replace the period brown grill cloth with black. Started with one today, getting it back to the shell.......
  5. Question; Why would you parallel a 0,33Uf (+/- 10%) onto a 6,0uF (+/- 5%)? 0,3 is 5% of 6,0. Did they add the 0,33 to "compensate" for the tolerances in the 6,0uF cap? Or with my limited knowledge, am I missing something? This re-cap isn't going to break the bank, and prior to reading this, I was going to opt for just a 6,0. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi. There was a link from my thread on Audiokarma, so I thought I'd add to this too! Picked mine up last week. A round-trip of 50km and they were FREE. The seller was the daughter of the original owner. They were apparently very, very wealthy people. I had suggested on email, that they looked DIY. She was NOT amused. It was those wooden dowels and banana plugs that got me thinking...as well as that god-awful caulk everywhere! Actually I couldn't have been more wrong: The cabinets were hand-made by a Belgium violin manufacturer. The Grilles were never meant to come off. I've managed to get an original sales invoice from 1983. They cost 75,000 Belgium Francs when new. I asked one of my older colleagues at work, what he earned back in 1983, as a general worker in a factory: 20,000BF. So a few months pay. And google suggests that would be upto €4000/$4000 now. A significant purchase. Aware that they're 4ohm, if someone can direct me to info. on how to protect from use with a 6-8 ohm amp. Currently one is completely dismantled ready for a 100% renovation job. btw. They used several different types of tweeter, as every model they produced had a "signature" version. Have tracked down the original sales brochure (in french), from a Dutch guy. Hopefully he'll be able to send copies for my wife to translate. Cheers.
  7. Watching closely. I was lucky enough to find a pair that were in excellent condition. A very light sanding down, and then oiled, with new linen grille cloths, and they're cosmetically as good as I need them to be. Interested in your next step, with regards to the crossover. I do all of my own work and have calculated €50/$50 for new capacitors. Would you see this as OK, or would you spend more? I have no idea as to the return on your investment when it comes to caps.? I must say, I'm holding off on the 'goo' for now: I have too turn my two subs OFF, when I hook up the 5's. With everything else I have, they to 'add' to the overall effect. The bass is that good. Could it be better? I'll re-cap first and then consider my options. Rgds Stephen
  8. So then, the caps arrived. First impressions are very, very impressed. Thought it was going to be about the bass from those lovely woofers. But no, those tweeters! Will spend the weekend listening to them, and give them a side-by-side test against the Optimus T-200's. The KLH 5's and Wharfedale Dovedale III's are still being worked on. When all are completed, only TWO will remain. I'm not a collector. Happy to enjoy the journey, repairing etc. but a room full of speakers isn't for me. The best two will stay, and the two others sold on for more funds for the next big find! Me thinks the Leaks are well placed to be one of two keepers.
  9. Nice find! I bagged a pair for €50/$50 a couple of weeks ago. Ordered new caps, and already sanded down the cabinets, re-oiled, and re-clothed the grilles with linen. Bass is great, so holding off with the "goo" for now. Might be price-prohibitive, getting it to Belgium from the U.S. Can't wait to hear the difference when the new caps are fitted. If you're half as happy as me, with them, then you're one happy bunny!
  10. So the cosmetics are done. Just waiting for the caps. Long term might get the surrounds done, dependent on costs US to Belgium! Happy with the result considering outlay. Definitely 'keepers'.
  11. A full range Wharfedale with no markings anywhere. Any ideas on name or model number please?
  12. surrounds are fine, and as for deepness, I turned off my two subs as was not dissapointed. And for the small investment of €50/$50, I'm happy. Caps will cost the same, but for €100, you're not going to find much better out there!
  13. So then, my first initial thoughts. Well, they're OK, but nothing special....... Oh how wrong I was. After a few 'pop' vinyls, I was seriously unimpressed. I decided to change two things; the genre and the volume. This time CDs, and classical: Piano & cellos with volume!! WOW! I've listened to these pieces dozens of times, and now I hear parts of the orchestra that were previously not there. Rounded, warm, nothing missing except a bit of sparkle at the top end - going to recap as a matter of course, so will address this. But it's the slight increase in volume that beings them alive. Seriously impressed. My Realistic T200 Optimus's are crude by comparison & are headed for a new home. Yes, they're capable and detailed, but they're so harsh by comparison. It's the difference between instant coffee & a quality espresso. Just can't wait to get them recapped and experience them 'as new' Currently my favourite speaker, but with parts in the post for my Leak Sandwich's & I'm also off to collect a pair of Wharfedale Dovedale 3's at the weekend, this may be short-lived!
  14. Found this on ebay. There's a KLH 5 with exactly the same, six screws. Something was obviously being done at the fabrication stage for this not to be a DIY job by owners.....?https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KLH-model-5/332483942001?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225114%26meid%3Dacaa654d03514489bc4b74d4e4d6c3b6%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D332483942001%26itm%3D332483942001%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A727a8369-5677-11ea-a0de-74dbd180348e|parentrq%3A73a50aba1700a4b77cefb990fffb823e|iid%3A1
  15. I all. As just written on the KLH section, I'm now the very proud owner of a pair of 5's. "Like New" cosmetically, I'm going to recap before I make any snap decisions. Awaiting new caps, are a pair of Leak Sandwich (8ohm), which I've completely revised, as the "tweeter-attached-to-the-grille" has been modernised. Caps from Germany within a week. Recently completed, a full refurb. of a pair of Realistic "Optimus" T-200's. Not exactly classic, but I saw the potential, got them for a good price, and a few weekends later, they sound & look great. But, here's the question (as per topic title), what to keep. The picture of my set-up/room, also shows a pair of RAM monitors, recently recapped. I need to shed some weight. The RAM's are spoken for. As for the other three, I'll just have to wait for all to be auditioned. BUT, the previous owner of the KLH 5's also has a great looking pair of Wharfedale Dovedale 3's. It was 90 minutes drive each way! How worthy a contestant in the audition would the Wharfedales be? I am going to keep just two for the four. IF anyone suggests that I have too go back, as they will easilly outperform the other contestants, then I'll call the seller and make the trip, next weekend. IF they are "more of the same", then the audition will be between the KLH 5's, The Leak Sandwiches & the Realistics (not really "classic") cheers for any advice
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