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  1. Thanks, xpat What model Boston Acoustics center are you using? Your AR9's trump my 94's but I'm sentimental and want to keep them in my system.
  2. Looking for a center channel to match my AR94sx's I'm using as fronts. Any opinions on this? Driving the 94sx's with Pioneer SX-1010 amp off Yamaha RX-V1400 pre-outs. I really want to replace that Yamaha with much better power but not much budget for that right now. Also would consider new AR LCR's with floorstanding fronts if I could get "old" AR quality for about $1,500 for LCR. A quality center channel now would be best for when I upgrade the front L/R's though I'm not sure what I would buy right now. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Any opinions or experience with center channel makes/models that match well with AR94sx's? Using the 94sx's as fronts and for stereo driven with vintage Pioneer SX-1010 amp of Yamaha pre-pro. I've always like the way the 94's sound with the SX-1010. I would really like to get into new AR's for LCR (floorstanding fronts) but I've been away from the market for a few years and not sure what AR is offering in $1,500 for LCR or around $350 for a center channel. I read that someone is using Paradigm CC-170 as center with unspecified AR model fronts. I thought I would come here for some good AR advice before I decide what to do.
  4. MikeF

    AR Stands

    No kids running around so I think if I keep them to about 8" high and add some bracing and small carpet spikes, they should be fine. Stability is one reason I would build them slightly larger than the speakers so that the 94's would be set inside the leg tops and not on top or extending outside them. I just want to pick these speakers up off the floor about 8 inches. AR stand clones aren't necessary but I'm not finding other stands that look good and stable for, say, $100/pair. If I had skills and all the tools, I'd custom build something. How tough should stands be, right? Thanks for the info and tips.
  5. MikeF

    AR Stands

    Thanks, Robert_S Those links are what I needed.
  6. Apologies -- posted this in wrong place and found the right page 5 minutes later. Anybody have a template or specs for AR Speaker Stands? I like the two-piece, slottted stands from AR but they are pricey. I want to put some together for my AR94s. I can tweek the measurements if your specs are significantly bigger/smaller than I need. If I were a carpenter...... Thanks, ar4sx
  7. Like Vijoy, I'm considering rebuilding xovers on my 94sx's. Looks like there is some disagreement between Vinjah and what I see from article at tnt-audio -- see the To Do section in www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/ar94rebuild_e.html The article in on a rebuild of the AR94 and NOT the "sx" so I'm looking for some help in picking hardware for the sx's and my vocational training in electricity/electronics in high school 40 years ago leads me to lean toward replacing/updating the caps and wires on the original xover board I have here. These posts are pretty old but I'm hoping someone will provide specs from their successful rebuild of the 94sx. Thanks guys, MikeF
  8. Thanks for helping out the 'newbie', guys. I had time tonight to get into the AR Library -- what a load of info! Didn't see the 94sx in the model history -- after looking at the 94 series schematics, it seems that the 94sx is something of a stepchild of the 94 and 94s with only slight mods in capacitance, wire lenght, gasket changes. I found a decent tnt DIY article on rebuild of the AR94. I'll find more detailed schematics of crossover board and a local pro for rehabbing the drivers and go for it. Right now all I have is a new solder iron and 3 years vocational high school electronics. Should be fun. Thanks for the info and history lesson on AR.
  9. What do the suffixes indicate on AR's? So many of them I don't know what I'm reading about without photos and detailed descriptions. What can you tell me about: sx, a, ax, si, and on and on. Is there a key of some kind that I can use to decipher these designations? I know some are for older models like my AR-94sx's I bought in about 1980. If you've never heard 94sx's driven by a 1975 Pioneer SX-1010, you have missed something real special! I'm trying to find another pair of 94sx's or a more current AR model that will most closely match them. Knowing how to read the model designations sure would make the research easier. By the way, if anyone has 94sx's they will part with, I would like to hear about them. MikeF
  10. Dave, Still have those AR9's? Do you have them listed on Ebay? If not, will you send me close photos of all sides, top, and front with and without grills? Did you acquire them new? How long ago? Have they been stored at any time? If yes, for how long and was storage climate? How did you use them most? What kind of music did you use them for most of the time? Where are you is SE MI? I will come in from Akron, OH if we make a deal. Thanks, Mike
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