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  1. Switching tweeters didn't help the softer speaker.
  2. I have a pr.of Cizek Model 1's that I had re-foamed.I also replaced the rheostats on both speakers and a Q switch on one of the two speakers.Yesterday I noticed that the output volume was slightly softer in one of the two speakers.I switched channels and the softer speaker stayed the same.I also noticed that when I flip the Q switch on the softer speaker,it doesn't change the volume output as much as the louder speaker.I plan to check the rheostats as well as the Q switch.I don't have any test equipment other than a volt/ohm meter.The crossover looks like a bear to work on with the chokes glued on over the top of the caps.Is there anything that I should check?Thanks! Dave
  3. It's nice to know that it doesn't take a lot of power to drive the Cizeks.I have a vintage MC250,SS amp.now,but have thought of going with a tube amp.I am using a tube Clarinet preamp.that I built last winter and am very pleased with.How are your Cizek rheostats?Enjoy your music thanks to Roy. Dave
  4. Welcome to Club Cizek.I share all of your impressions and can tell you that your initial impressions will become final ones.How many watts is your tube amp.that you are driving them with?Enjoy, Dave
  5. Rick, Funny,because I was going to ask you what you are driving your Cizeks with.I bet that your speakers are right at home with that good vintage Sansui.I am using a Mcintosh Mc250 S.S. amp.with a Hagerman Clarinet tube preamp.which I built this past winter.The Hagerman preamp.is sweet with the old amp.and the Cizeks.I need to upgrade my Dual 510 turntable,but it sounds OK with a Signet cartridge.I use a NAD CD player,and just need more time to actually relax and enjoy the music.I am intrested in your reproduction badges.Please let me know how to best contact you.Thanks, Dave
  6. Rick, Good job re-veneering your cabinets.My model 1's could use a coat of varnish,but the veneer is in good shape.The grill foam is pretty fair other than a few paint drops and minor cat damage.I need a set of badges.The main thing is that they sound great after woofer re-foam,one new tweeter, two new rheostats and a new Q switch.Since they sound good,I see no reason to re-cap.the crossovers,which as you know would be major surgery with all of the glue and chokes in the way.My rheostats look well sealed and I did not see any access for spraying De-oxit,but all is working well now anyway.I have a set of model 2's on my upstairs system which also are nice sounding.I live in Rochester,N.Y.Cizek speakers were sold here by at least one stereo shop in the '70's,and were very well respected.Back in '78 when I bought my model 2's,I had wished that I could afford the model 1's...It took a long time to get the model 1's! Dave
  7. Rick, It would be tough to remove the coil glued on top of the caps especially since the wires coming off of the coil is very thin and easily broken.When I reglued the crossover board back in the case,I put a piece of soft,thin poly packing foam over the board so the fiberglass would not get wrapped up in the coil wires.Did you re-veneer the cabinet yoursel?Did you take the rheostat apart to get the De-oxit in?The rheostats look to be well sealed.What part of the country are you in? Dave
  8. Rob, First let me say that it is great to be corresponding with another Cizek owner.I bought my model 2's new in 1978 at J.B. Sound Systems in Rochester,N.Y.I bought the model 1's on C.L. and jumped when I saw them.I think that they are great speakes as well.I borrowed a Peerless tweeter from one of my model 2's to put in the model 1.I bought a repro. tweeter from Midwest Speaker Supply which sounds pretty decent until I find another Peerless for the model 2.I did not re-capp any of the crossovers and the way they have the coils glued on top of the caps,it would be a surgical procedure to get to the caps.Have you re-capped your crossovers? How are your rheostats? Dave
  9. Rickrob, Thanks for posting the article and the Cizek crossover schematic.The picture looks like a prototype crossover.I have my Cizek model 1 working.I had to put another Peerless tweeter in it that I borrowed from a pair of Cizek model 2's that I also own.I had to replace the Q switch and a rheostat as well. David
  10. Thanks! Where did you ever find the Cizek 1 crossover schematic?
  11. One speaker is OK with the new rheostat,but the other sounds very muted.I'm suspecting a crossover cap.Does anybody have a schematic for cizek model 1's?
  12. Kent, I determined that they are 2 ohm rheostats.I ordered replacements from Digikey.I will report back on how they function. Dave
  13. Thanks for the information.They were made on Steven's St.
  14. Does anybody know how to date the Cizek model 1's?My examples have a border of foam surrounding the front of the speaker that holds the removable foam grills on.Other models that I have seen have plastic velcro type material that holds a foam grill on.Thanks, David
  15. I recently had a pr. of Cizek model 1's refoamed and they sound great except the rheostats give static.Does anybody know of a good source for replacements?One is 2 ohms,which is the bad one,and the other is 10 ohms. David
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