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  1. Hi muluong303, that's a good image. Pls send it to:

    pbreuningerTAS@aol.com. JPG is ok. I'll attribute it.



  2. Hi Guys, Can someone shoot (or send me) some hi-rez photos (about 5MB+ or so) of a single or pair of 3a's with a neutral background. Jim? Thanks! Peter Breuninger
  3. Hi Everyone! Everything is intact! I edited out some reduntant paragraphs and reorderd the flow. I submitted it for approval in May with Robert Harley and we agreed it will run as my second column. I think it's a great article and yes, we have the big shoot-out! AR3a vs. A-25s vs. Big Advents. I have 4 articles ahead of it, including, you're gonna love this (cough, cough)... a review of a $181K a two channel amp and preamp. The only thing I ask is that you support it and subscribe to TAS. All my best to everyone here. You have great passion and vigor for all things AR-- it keeps the flam
  4. Jim, Thanks for the kind words. I am now satisfied with the participants in the project. The other pair was rough compared to Jims. Speaking of which, Jim is a true gentleman and a good man. I lent him the Eico HF-81 from the Stereophile review so he can hear the magic of 6bq5's. Jim- BTW, that "little" integrated will run circles around many other amplifiers. Thanks everyone for all the posts! Sincerely, Peter Breuninger
  5. This is a tough crowd! Member one: 30 year Philadelphia Orchestra Exec, Instrument: Basoon Member two: 25 year concert attendee/subscriber, Philadelphia Orchestra, PA Opera Co., Wilma Theater Member three: some smuck we found on the street (just Kidding) similar to above. Music tastes: Rap, Country, Metal (opps, I mean, Chamber, solo acoustic, 60s Jazz, large symphonic) Ages: over 50 and under 100 My best, Peter
  6. Thanks everyone! What a great thread, please keep the barbs down though. And, please guys, JA is really a good and thoughtful man and does his best at a-n-y project he is involved in. Ken, it's good to see you post up too. You have a long history in the industry and have garnered much respect. To the matter at hand: I indeed got a call today and Jim is providing a restored pair. He'll have them down with in a week and a half. I'll turn in finished copy on or before May 15. I trully respect the companies and products that this project covers and I'll do a great job (for all of us.) Very sinc
  7. Laugh, you guys are a hoot, Soundminded especially And you (all) sure have passion for these old gems. I do too, as do the panel members. I posted here so as to "double check the results." Peter
  8. Yes, JA will measure each loudspeaker. The last time we measured vintage speakers they were a wee bit bigger: http://stereophile.com/historical/1005bozak/ JA had me drag one out to the driveway so as to mimic a semi-anechoic chamber. My neighbors thought we must all be mad! Peter
  9. There is a very active group on yahoo, over 650 members: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bozak_speakers FYI, Peter
  10. This is what I indeed do. How many reviewers use and enjoy vintage (in my case, Bozaks) next to MBL101Es. The Bozaks hold their own! What is very interesting is how the results of the listening tests were skewed by the amps (tube vs. SS) and in which ways for each loudspeaker (not consistant, BTW). It was very surprising. ar_pro, what is your name? Where are you located? My best! Peter
  11. I don't think you will find that I have an agenda except that I like listening to and enjoying vintage audio equipment. I simply would like to test another pair of AR3as. The panel has made conclusions that speak very well for the ARs in the context of their time of manufacture. Peter
  12. As I stated, my pair was measured and deemed in proper working condition by an industry professional. I have experience with many vintage pieces of audio equipment and the condition of aged capacitors/resistors vs. brand new. It's a pandora's box to be fair. One brand of cap can sound very different from another. I can "adjust" the sound of a 500c at will. So I ask for a pair with some apprehension. Some people swear by the Bozak Tobin mods and become quite religious about it. I belive they alter the character of the speaker away from Rudy's intentions, but they argue back that Rudy was
  13. Hi guys, I'm continuing the Stereophile vintage series with a review of these three best sellers: AR3a's, Large Advents, and Dynaco A-25s. We did a controlled panel listening session two weeks ago and as I finish up the review (some of) my notes indicate poorly for the ARs. The pair I have was measured and deemed in proper working condition. Before I go to press I would like to hear a fully restored, but not modified, example. Is there a pair near Phila (Valley Forge) that the owner could spare for a couple weeks? Please contact me directly, 610 644-5036. Peter I added the edit (some of),
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