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  1. Pull the drivers and using a volt meter measure the resistance. It should read between 4 and 8 ohms. If not you have an open circuit. Then check the physical lead wires on each post to see if the wire is burned/broken. Another simple test is to use a small battery like aa and then him a wire on each end and then touch the post. You will hear a brief little pop. Not enough to damage the driver. This is the old school method without a volt meter. Another simple test is to wire the speaker to the amp output and at VERY low volume see if the driver sounds. If so, then the problem is most likely on the network side. If you have a junk car speaker you can pull each driver and using a test wire see if the junk speaker plays. Hope this helps
  2. Before anybody razes me, I realize that I have not been on here in forever and a moon. Well, life happens: move, divorce, etc. Anyway, I have owned AR9's for 15 years and a a pair of AR90's about the same length. Just recently biamped my 9's with a Crown XLS2502 on the lower cabinet and my Sunfire receiver for the upper cabinet. It is wonderful. I will never part with my 9's. System: Vizio 70" 3D LCD, Teac V900X cassette deck, Carver TX-11 tuner, Marantz TT42 turntable, Sunfire Ultimate Receiver, Crown XLS2502, Teledyne AR9, Polk LSiM706C center, Axiom QS8 surrounds, MB Quart QL A50 Balcony rear surrounds, Sony DVP-CX995V 400 DVD changer, Technics SL-MC7 110 CD changer, Denon DMD-1300 Minidisc, Monster Power HTS 5000 MKII AC power distribution.
  3. Hello jevenup and welcome to one of the most comprehensive boards on New England vintage speakers. I am an AR9 guy - but there is this great article/thread on Classic Speaker Pages of a complete restoration of an AR-6. Look there and search this site looking for "AR-6". In all likelihood you will find all the information that you need. Now, finding replacement parts (particularly speakers), that is a different challenge. Oh, and be warned, this can can be a very addicting hobby/pursuit! Happy listening!
  4. AR surround, Absolutely!! They really do. You can watch the eyes glaze over when you start talking about dynamic headroom, damping factor, S/N, etc.! Mine just smiles and quietly listens and says that's great baby! I love her!! I mean I don't know what it would cost, but to have someone rebuild an AR9 cabinet with the same interior volume and a tapered upper register cabinet so no acoustic blanket would be necessary, maybe even time aligned. Wow, I really went off the rails! lol
  5. AR Aficionados, The largest on-wall has 2 6.5" drivers and 8 1.2" domes in a cabinet 4 inches deep. There is not much to refract - it aint that big folks. Wall candy, but would still love to hear them. Not a single distributor in the states. Britain and Asia Pacific. Chinese of course, but so are the common brands people love and have now, Polk, Klipsch, etc.
  6. The traditional towers are ported though. Small drivers and high efficiency (90db). Squeezing that vented enclosure for an F3 of 35hz with 7 inch drivers. In otherwords, the traditional stuff, to me looks boring. The sealed stuff I would love to hear. Its geared around home theater, low bass points, 60ish so subs would be required. It is also designed only to be wall mounted. The little surround looks interesting as well. I would love to hear them - the website provides nothing. All the subs are ported designs as well. One has to wonder though how much engineering moxy is behind it. Or will it be here today gone the next.
  7. Has anyone heard the new AR speakers? I have them on the web site, but it is really in infancy both as web layout and marketing
  8. I agree Steve, the hobbyist part is left to the consumer. I really think of B&O when talking about the consumer. The stuff has always taken a different path to appeal on aesthetics as much as audio. I love my 9's more than any other speaker I have owned and I have owned too many to count. The 9 is big, boxy and has low waf (wife acceptance factor). The sound it creates is something I have never tired of. And we pour our hard-earned dollars for enjoyment. All the other factors of business could be used for any business. In my opinion, it was the innovation that AR contributed to field of audio reproduction that has not been equalled by any other company.
  9. Wow, has it really been that long!? Alas, where does the time go? Divorced, moved, remarried...sounds about right. Anyway, my point is we all work for money. Some are fortunate enough to do that in an industry they find highly rewarding. As a business, at the apex of AR, it commanded a market share that has never been equalled. And the impact on the audio industry, much to the delight of a fortunate few, created designs that would stand the test of time.
  10. As a professional musician in both operatic and instrumental roles (I.e. singer and instrument), this conversation seems to me to be a little obtuse. Please enlighten one on any individual on this forum that works and toils in pure benevolence!? This role, this individual is few and far between and in most veins practices their craft in the ethereal trade. Simply put, the vast masses purchase, pursue, imbibe, etc., for enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. Music, art and any other form of entertainment is for the enjoyment of such. And to put the singular laser focus on the point, is entirely subjective.
  11. CSP community, I have a pair of AR90's for sale. They have been recapped and cosmetically are in good condition. There is some wear on the bottom of the bases from being slid around on carpet, etc. All woofers have been reconed and all of the caps have been replaced with Solen for the upper range and electrolytic caps for the bass section. I have recently acquired a pair of AR9's - so these must go. $600 dollars + shipping. I recommend Navis shipping as these guys will pick up, pack and ship these heavy items. They did an outstanding job on my "new" AR9's. Local pickup of course saves shipping. You can email me at lrmccloud@gmail.com for pictures, etc. Thanks
  12. Hi Aleksander, I am also a recent AR90 convert - would you be willing to me all that hi-res lit? Thanks is advance! lrmccloud@gmail.com
  13. JMZ - I will pay the $700 - but need to ship - I am guessing around 250 - any suggestions? Thanks
  14. JMZ - if I arranged shipping will you ship them? ie, if you can take them to local shipper and then I will pay to have them boxed and shipped... Thanks
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