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  1. The "1" terminal should have a bare wire from the induction coil in series with the blue wire from the woofer...that would be negative (-) The "2" terminal should be strapped together with the "T" terminal, and connected to the red wire from the woofer....that would be positive (+) Note that the Tweeter and Mid are opposite polarity from the Woofer...see attached Xover diagram from my latest resto of AR-2ax... AR_2ax_Connection_Diagram.pdf
  2. Jackal, Looking at your original pics, I thought that the badges said "AR-2a" rather than "AR-2ax" but after looking closer at mine, I see that the "x" is really small and may not be showing up in your pic. I know that is a "minor" issue compared to the hack job that was done on those. Was there any remnants of the original labels left on the back of the cabinets? That would give you a better idea of their origin. I think Roy hit the nail on the head with his guess that you have both an AR-2ax cabinet and an AR-5 cabinet. I own a pair of each and noticed that the Tweet & Mid are arranged horizontally on the AR-2ax, and in a diagonal orientation on the AR-5. I do have a pair of "original" (yes, actual factory installed) 10" Woofers that came out of my 1972 AR-2ax cabinets. I replaced them with the earlier AR-2 cloth surround types. And I do have a pair of AR-2ax Mids (the ones with the metal grille). I would be willing to make you a very reasonable deal on these if you are interested. But, it sounds like you would have to do alot of work to get those cabinets into a place even close to their original configuration. The biggest issue is that the AR-2ax & AR-5 look similar enough from the outside, but are very different on the inside. See attached crossover diagrams for comparison... AR_2ax_Connection_Diagram.pdf AR_5_Connection_Diagram.pdf Hope this helps...
  3. From my own experience with AR-2ax, AR-5, & AR-7 restore projects, #1 is NEG and #2 is POS. Just follow the RED (POS) wire from the woofer. Although, it may not really matter which terminal you connect as POS...just as long as you connect both speakers the same way. The Instructions for use on my speakers simply state: "Connect 0 and 8-ohm output terminals of amplifier to speaker input terminals 1 and 2."
  4. genek: You made me re-check the connections (no problem)... Here is a pic of the "Front Wired Tweets" from the inside... And, here is a pic of the Terminals from the back... Note that the "Front Wired Tweets" version has the Terminals arranged in a "Horizontal" orientation, rather than the "Vertical" orientation as shown in the "Assembly Drawing" attached earlier. Next, see that the Terminals on the "Back Wired Tweets" version are arranged in a "Vertical" orientation as indicated in the "Assembly Drawing"... So, I wonder when that change was made? But, the polarity (by number) does seem to hold true for the "Classic" models such as: AR-2ax, AR-5, etc. in that number "1" has been consistantly "negative" and number "2" has been consistantly, "positive".
  5. quote genek: "There's no AR-7 schematic in the library, but the convention in those days was red wire to + and blue wire to - ...." Here is a Connection Diagram (schematic) which I developed from 2 different pairs of AR-7s...as noted on my drawing, the earlier serial numbers had "front-wired" tweets. Hope this helps... AR_7_Connection_Diagram.pdf
  6. Mr Zilch, You are the only one creating the "issue" here.... genek & I were simply answering Ross's question..."Are these woofers interchangeable..." Let him (Ross) decide wether to drill holes, etc. Please, lets not drag another thread into the "Kitchen".........
  7. Ross, This is a simple geometry problem. With a 4-hole pattern, the bolts would be 90 degrees apart. A 6-hole pattern will place the bolts 60 degrees apart. The attached drawing illustrates that the best you could hope for, would be a match on 2 bolts, if the bolt diameters are the same. Bolt_Patterns.pdf Bolt_Patterns.pdf
  8. For "Center" channel in my surround system, I have been using a pair of AR-7s...they are just the right size to fit on a shelf below my big screen. That was certainly a great buy on those AR-5s.
  9. Thought you all might get a laugh from this. An Ebay auction for AR-4x Speakers. Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Acoustic-Research-VINT...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  10. Typical hookup for 3-way speaker would be: negative (-) for terminal number "1"....positive (+) to terminal number "2". There should be a jumper between terminal "2" and "T"...leave that in place, unless you want to remove the woofer from the system.
  11. aster, The previous comments are "spot on". AR-7's have a great sound if they are put together correctly. Get those Woofs re-foamed, replace the old electrolytic cap, and re-seal the drivers with some duct seal. Oh, and make sure that the original fiberglass filling is intact. Not sure how much is in an AR-7 (12oz?) someone here will no doubt, chime in. I am presently using mine as centers in my surround system....they do a wonderful job.
  12. eddie, Nice work..... Here's how my AR-5's turned out. Funny that we both figured an almost identical method for mounting the CAPS...
  13. Are these still up for sale?
  14. I've been in contact with you. Hopefully, we can work out a deal. Thanks, AR_nut_in_Oregon
  15. Tonedog, Larry of "Vintage AR" usually has a good supply of the Aetna-Pollack (sp?) pots that he refurbrishes from original used pots for around $11.00 each. They look and function like new. He might be able to give you a slight discount if you send him your "used" pots for recycling. I'm sure he won't mind me posting his email addy.............Ljlagace "at" aol "dot" com..............tell him "Paul from Oregon" sent ya. Oh, and I recently found a great source for that "sealing" putty.....Home-Depo sells 1lb packs of "Duct Seal" in their Electrical Dept for under $2.00. It looks and feels pretty much like the stuff AR used 40+ years ago. Good luck, and have fun with your refurb.........
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