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  1. Hello, Is there someone who has compararison experience with KLH speakers ( or vintage speakers of that quality ) driven by vintage amp vs SONOS amp (or YAMAHA musicast or , seconday, more formaly, same quality digital amp) ? Do you think it is interesting to move from vintage amp to SONOS Connect amp ( or digital one ) or keep vintage amp and buy SONOS Connect to work with ? I have expérience of KLH6/vintage LUXMAN receiver and KLH32/ vintage KLH receiver. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I have to repair one KLH 6 woofer : it has a rectangular (3cm x 1cm) hole at the top end of the cone ( parallel and before the suspension) ; do yo think it is possible to repair with good result ? if yes, is it easy and how to do, please ? Thx a lot if you can help. Regards, ben
  3. Hi Geoff, Not heard KLH 5, and probably a very good one as Kent says (but there is a little story about, saying that Eric Kloss was not satisfied with it for it was a more complicated three way design (true story?); so i prefer to buy KLH 23, which is a robust and simple two way design ; the other unusual in the line, is the compact KLH33 (not heard) which is a ported design to compare to KLH17: more dynamic than KLH17? I have, with my son, some pairs of KLH , and made direct comparison; IMHO, here is my ranking: KLH 23 > 6 >> 17 >> 38 > 32 At first glance, the sound seems to be linearly correlated with the volume cabinet and woofer dimension, and so, there is an increasingly "little box"effect from left to right ranking.... All stuff is very very good ( and one favorite is the small KLH 32!..that is to say, sound science is a complicated one ) ben
  4. joany

    KLH 31 VS KLH 32

    Hello, Is there someone who can tell me the difference between KLH 32 and KLH 31? for i had a KLH32 pair sometimes ago , and i missed one to buy , these days ; but the seller has also a pair of 31 and i want to know if they are as pretty good small speakers as 32. Thanks a lot for your help, fellows. Best regards, xJ
  5. joany

    Dynaco A25 vs KLH17

    Thanks a lot for your advices, Best regards.
  6. Hi, I had two pairs of KLH 6 and KLH 17... ; i have, now, the opportunity to buy a pair of KLH 30 ; i want to know, if you have any experience of it , if the KLH 30' sound is nearest to KLH 6 or nearest to KLH 17. and, also, if the classification: 1) KLH6 2) KLH 30 3) KLH 17 seems to you to be correct? Thanks a lot if you can help, Best regards ):
  7. Thanks a lot....i missed them! Regards
  8. Hi, As a KLH fan, i want to buy a pair of KLH 30; but unfortunately, one speaker has no tweeter and no cross-over at all : so, i want to know what are the differences between the tweeters ,woofers and cross-overs of KLH 30 and KLH 6/KLH17 ( which are not so rare as KLH 30) ? Accordingly to your experience, how KLH 30 sound compare to KLH 6/17 ? Thanks a lot if you can help and advise me Regards.
  9. joany

    Dynaco A25 vs KLH17

    Hi, I'd a lot of "east-coast sound " speakers ( KLH6/17/38/32,ALLISON 5/6 ,AR 4xa ); the best of are KLH6/17 , and my favorite is KLH17 , not for the sound, but it is nice for his volume ( at one stage, you must decide: to be or not to be , my speakers or my wife !): DYNACO A25 is smaller, and i want to know what is the best for you, A25 or 17 (classical and jazz music ), if you have any experience of that? Thanks, Best regards. :-)
  10. Thanks all for your fast and wonderful reply...i'll, now, concentrate on my first refoaming! Regards , :-)
  11. Hi, I'm restoring two pairs of Allison (5 and 6) : the dust on the sticky cones of the woofers is incredible (!), but they work not so bad, needing refoaming...my question is : have you any experience with dust removing , with a secure process? thanks a lot if you can help for this recurrent problem , Regards.
  12. Hi, Before bidding on ebay, i have to choose between KLH 32 and KLH 38 small speakers : is there a big difference between the two and what would be your choice, according your experience ? And also, what is the best suited brand receiver for driving the smooth east cost quality of sound of KLH speakers ( i think, in particular, of KLH51 , LUXMAN R820, MARANTZ 2215B...any other brand?). Thanks if someone could help me to see more clearly in my problems. Best regards
  13. thanks a lot, Andy for this precious informations. Another questions, please , before buying the KLH33 speakers: -As vented speakers, KLH 33 are as good ( neutral and smooth quality sound, not so "dynamic and brilliant"), as KLH6 and KLH 17 for example? -There is something curious: i read in bostonsociety.org, an article by Peter W. Mitchell on speaker efficiecy where it is said: SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL / APPROXIMATE POWER FOR 100 db KLH6 / 87 / 20W KLH17 / 88 / 16W KLH33 / 85 / 30W It means curious ( on the paper ) that a vented speakers needs more power for less sound pressure ie, is less efficient! -Finally my KLH6 has a 10"" woofer , so the KLH 6 and 17 have the same woofers and tweeters (?): may ask you if you think it is t the case for KLH 33 ? Thanks again Regards
  14. Hi, Can someone explain why KLH33 photo show (a woofer and ) two metal protections: are this protections for mid range and tweeter? the classical library says that KLH 33 is a two way speaker ! I don't understand... Thanks if you can help. Regards
  15. Hi, I have KLH6, KLH17 and ALLISON 5 speakers and i ordered them as follow: 1)KLH6 2)KLH17 3)ALLISON 5 -are you agree with that, if you have experience with this stuff ? -i want to know the place of Smaller Advent among these three speakers, in order to change one of them , if the Smaller Advent is better. Thanks if you can help Regards
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