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  1. I refoamed large Advents (masonite ring) a few months ago, and they were only my 2nd refoam - it really was very easy to do, you just have to take your time and complete each step properly. I would also replace the elctrolytic capacitors (either two 16uF or an 8uF and 16uF) with a new 8uF in the tweeter circuit and a 16uF in the woofer circuit. I went with Speakerworks.com kits, and found plenty of advice on the internet about how to clean, align, and reglue foams to my Advents. Simplyspeakers.com sells 'Advent refoam kits' also. I just picked up another pair of orginal large Advents that need refoaming and when they are done I'll recap them and use them stacked with the originals.
  2. Today I picked up for $14 a nicely made pair of cabs with three-way speakers and a 'very 1970's' grill cloth, made by Stellar Audio Industries, called either Mark One Triflex E or Triflex E Mark One. I had the chance to connect them to a vintage receiver in the store and they appear to work very well, although I haven't had a chance to remove the grills as yet. I will post pics later. They are soundly built, I estimate weighing about 30-35 pounds each, sized 20 x 14 (wide) x 12 deep There is a 12-inch woofer, a 6-inch midrange and a 3 inch tweeter. The grill is hardboard with cloth over, and is attached using hidden nails. Claimed frequency response is 30-20,000 Hz (when new), with crossover at 1,500 and 5,000 Hz. Impedance is 8 Ohms. Anyone have any experience with these, or heard of them before? I would say they were at most mid-end, mid 1970's. They have a real walnut veneer over what looks like 3/4-inch chipboard. They need sanding and oiling but are otherwise very nice condition. Slight edge gap on one, but nothing that glue and a clamp won't fix. No sign of water damage and sound reasonably balanced, not too boomy LF and clear HF.
  3. Okay, so I have had a chance to connect them to a JVC R-1X receiver I have. One of the midranges wasn't working, so I had a peek inside and there are unstable connections here and there on the crossover board, so if you move some cables a little, the tweeter and bass cut out also! Wondering if it was a crossover fault, rather than the driver, I swapped driveres between cabs and, sure enough, all drivers are operational. This was a big relief, because it should not be hard to get the midrange working, replacing caps while I am at it. Even with that flaw, these speakers sound extremely nice. I played a Sarah MacLachan CD (the only one I had to hand) and also listened to some classical on FM. With both midrange and tweeter ambient controls set to the neutral position, the clarity was extremely impressive. Bass is truly well defined, without the boominess of many large speakers fitted with 12-inch woofers. Tight bass, excellent vocals and clear high frequencies - I can tell I am going to enjoy these babies very, very much once the x-over is sorted so BOTH midranges are contributing to the overall sound! I am very, very pleased with my find! Images attached. Cabs are excellent (need a clean - no scuffs or chips); dust caps dented on 1 midrange and 1 woofer, and I will sort that out, because these deserve to be looked after. See attached images.
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    These are a new design from a different company to the one that made your 101's There is not much spec detail given, apart from an indicated 130w power handling. I suspect they would sound very different to the 101's, given the different construction materials, such as kevlar cone bass/mid unit. Hardly what I would call a 'classic' in any way. Maybe in another 30 years...?
  5. Hi, I am new to this site, but have been a regular member of AudioKarma for some time, which is where I found your site! I picked up a pair of AVID 330 speakers, without grills, in a thrift store today, for $45.00; although I hadn't heard of the brand, they were evidently well made cabinets, with quite a striking set of 3 drivers, so I bought them 'on spec' (always having the option of taking them back within 7 days if they turned out broken or junk)! From your interesting site, I have determined that they are not junk...although I have not yet been home to test them functionally. I cannot resist buying good vintage speakers when I see them out and about so cheaply, I have now built quite a collection (Rogers LS2, Meridian M2, American Monitor Model 8, Pioneer CS 63DX are just a few examples I have collected over the years and now cannot bear to part with). It is exciting to know there is a forum for people who share my mania!
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