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  1. I ordered a pair today. Was able to add to cart and checkout. The order still shows pending with AMEX. Did not order the optional stonewash linen grills. From what I can tell, the standard grills look pretty darn nice. If not, then I can order the stonewash grills. I can't remember the last time I was this excited ordering stereo gear!
  2. It's there! I took another pic after moving the gray jacket material out of the way. Offer still stand?
  3. AR55, Thank you for obviously spending the time responding to my post! Unfortunately I'm not physically able to make my own, but you have helped me tremendously finding the correct size spades for my loudspeakers!!!! No far, Blue Jeans Cable appears to be a good candidate for me. The Belden 5000UE (Gray jacket, 12 AWG) for an 8' length is only $36 ea. Yes, reasonably priced. Thanks again!
  4. Attached is a pic of the rear of an AR-6:
  5. Does anyone know where I can find assembled speakers cables that attach to the AR speaker terminals?
  6. As you can tell, I'm a big Supreme lover from the Motor City!! Anyway, I've owned my AR-6's since the early 70's. Used these as my rear channel speakers. Remember Quadraphonic? I restored these about 10 years ago. Everything original except the surrounds and grills. These still sound fantastic! As I listen to these, it's hard to believe all the wonderful sounds these still produce. I still wish I could find the grill cloth with the golden threads. BTW, I'm a Linux guy as well. Larry
  7. I just noticed one for an AR-4xa is for sale on eBay for $50 "untested" and sold "as-is" which makes this item questionable. Hopefully an easy-to-install modern replacement will soon surface. Thanks again.
  8. Has anyone found a tweeter which works well and fits into the tweeter cutout of an AR-4ax, AR-8 or AR-6? The AR tweeter frame is 3 1/2" and the cutout for the magnet is about 2 1/4". I noticed new tweeters for the AR-4x on eBay, in addition to original replacements, but not for these. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I'm looking for a replacement tweeter for an AR-6. My tweeter has the connection in the front. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Go ahead, rub it in! What are you planning to do with all those KLH's?
  11. Golly, I feel it is better to have more information, than not enough. I must at least say thank you to those whom respond to this forum and provide more information than asked.
  12. Funny thing is, yesterday on eBay, I added this to my watch list. I was somewhat suspicious because this item was listed a few weeks ago. Something this nice would have sold. This seller probably used the re-listed offer eBay gives if an item doesn't sell. I called eBay before using either the 888-749-3229 or 800-322-9266 toll-free numbers and nothing happened. A buyer was selling speaker cabinets under the JBL Paragon name, and it was clearly something called Barzilay which I owned in the last 60's. A few days later these sold.
  13. Thank you Klaus for your reply. I was able to find a replacement under the "for sale" topic on this forum. This person is truly a unique individual. He asked for my shipping address and sent them completely free. Didn't ask for a penny, and packaged them flawlessly. Nevertheless, I was able to use my front connections, so didn't need to mount them from within the enclosure. Thank you anyway! My AR-6's are finally done... they look and sound stunning!!! Thanks!
  14. I like your approach. Can you please elaborate regarding "I don't need Shims, use a 1.5 volt battery and touch\feel"? I may redo my surrounds, and would rather leave the dust cap there. I already replaced it once, and feel if I had to remove it again, it will probably do some damage to the cone (due to the fact the replacement dust cap is at least twice the size as the original).
  15. Darn! Darn! Darn! Wish I had known about Speakerbits 2 months ago. I only assumed because the seller where I purchased my surrounds once worked at AR, this would be the best choice. Hopefully others will read your reply too. Anyway, thank you for the information!
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