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  1. Functioning single AR8 for sale. Make offer
  2. Looking for an orphaned Smaller Advent. The driver and cabinet in good condition, needing only a surround.
  3. Were these manufactured by AR? I've seen what appears to be identical 10" woofers in Avid 230's and AR 38/48s.
  4. immjag

    AVID 230

    I bought a driver from a 232 orphan and it is identical except the woofer magnet is only 1/2" thick vs. 3/4" on the 230's. They both read about 25 ohms. Would this make a suitable replacement? Does anybody have the specs. on the 232? It has a nice big dome midrange, a step up from the 230's mid cone.
  5. Hi guys, I'm working with four drivers from two sets of KLH-31's. Two of them have suffered the Permatex High Tack treatment and I'm trying to reverse the problems that this purple sticky stuff has caused. One of them makes a loud pop in the low Hz regions, the other has an occasional buzzing sound. The treated surrounds are very prone to distort with light and temperature. I used some acetone and cotton balls to strip the high tack and old butyl away and now have super soft/compliant surrounds. Although very few pinholes are noted, this is far from ideal! Please correct me If I'm wrong, but a function of the surround is to hold the edge of the cone steady enough to keep the voice coil from lateral interference with the pole piece. If the compound used on the surround doesn't have a 'memory' it won't work, the cloth is only there to hold the butyl rubber/asphalt combination in place! I've discovered Red Devil Blacktop & Roof Repair Caulk #0636 has a butyl/asphalt combination and it is thinned with mineral spirits. I've prepared one by removing its dust cap and shimming the coil. I'm now waiting for shipment of this stuff. Stay tuned..
  6. These have 8 1/2" cones. They have the AVID serial number stickers on the back. They measure 6ohms and the cones have #138 102 stamped on the back, removing them from the CTS category. The magnets are located INSIDE the baskets...Very thick pieces of MDF are used for cone spacing and they are quite heavy... Thoughts?
  7. immjag

    AVID 230

    I began to appreciate AVID's after recently finding a pair of 102's for $15. All I can say is that I love the way they can spook me with their imagery! They're hooked up to a MAC-1900 and they've caught me off guard several times when a female begins to speak or sing, just love that! I also recently bought a set of 230's in good shape but missing the original LF drivers. I'm assuming the same driver fit several of their different models. Are any of you out there willing to part with a pair?
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