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  1. Thanks for the kind words - I owe it to you guys for convincing me not to part them out.
  2. I finally got around to working on the 14's that I brought home from the dump. I was originally going to just salvage the woofers but you guys convinced me that they should be restored. Stripped the cabs which were not too bad, got tweeters from the bay and made masonite grills. Woofers were done with the boston foams. Caps are waiting for a larger order but they sound pretty good as is. These will be in my garage system.
  3. Watching with great interest as I also have some 58's in the queue. I'm currently using mine unrestored and they do require some eq to tame the highs, but I'm guessing that the 91 crossovers will make them perfect. Great speakers.
  4. I'm on the wrong side of the country (and I've currently got more than my share of 5's) - but I hope somebody gets a good deal and saves them.
  5. ....but these could go cheap on the auction site (# 331857609932) for anyone in Seattle.
  6. I think that you might need sealer if you use a grain filler. I did use a coat of sanding sealer on this. I don't remember exactly how many cans I used but I think it was less than 2.
  7. You might try posting this at Audiokarma.org in the solid state forum. You may well get some help here but if anyone's going to walk you through a repair they will probably be over there. That big orange capacitor is the power supply filter cap and it almost surely needs to be replaced. Wish I knew enough to help you - good luck.
  8. You'll be fine. Temp is key - probably too much information but I've been known to stuff a can into my pants to keep it warm while I set things up....
  9. Not professional at all - just a guy with a few rattle cans in a garage with the door open. I've never used thinner to remove orange peel. I have heard of a product called blush remover (blush is moisture trapped in a coat due to humidity). I think that it is just thinner in a spray can which is used to melt the coat and let the moisture escape - that might work. I have had fresh coats of lacquer reduce the orange peel on the previous coat - it kind of keeps on that way and by the time you are at 6 or so coats the orange peel is pretty easy to sand out.
  10. The can is not expecting you to wet sand. What Carl says about safety is true - you need a respirator with organic vapor cartridges and you need to be outside because nitro is quite flammable. But lacquer can be very forgiving in terms of ease of sanding out mistakes and continuing, and if you want that look, a novice can get good results with patience. Here is a shot of a walnut guitar body done with Minwax rattle cans (probably about 8 -10 coats) wet sanded with 800, then 1000, then polished with a rag and meguiars compound. Two or three coats about 30 minutes apart then let dry overnigh
  11. Try spraying a little wetter than you are doing now. No need to sand between coats, as Larry said each coat will melt into the previous. Three coats is not very much for lacquer. Do a couple of coats per day until you have about eight coats down then let them dry for a couple of weeks. At that point you can wet sand with 800 until the orange peel is leveled and the polish with a compound. The Minwax in the black can is true nitrocellous lacquer and pretty good stuff. It's a different look and a bit more work than the hand rubbed oil finish. Good luck.
  12. Interesting. I did end up getting the Boston foams. They appear to be the same as what I last received from John McPeak. They are certainly much more compliant than the light grey ones that I received from Looney Tunes (same as in DavidRs photo). I'm going to use them. One of the reasons that I decided on the Bostons is that they are an acoustic suspension speaker whereas the JBLs are ported. Had I emailed Audiodogs and received the above reply I probably would have gone with the JBL. I would be interested to know more about Roy's opinion of the Boston foams.
  13. Ok - I'm going to buy a couple of sets of the Boston FF foams from Audiodogs. I'll report when I get them. One set for a pair of 5's and one set for the 14's that you guys convinced me to restore a while back (finally found tweeters priced right).
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