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  1. Sorry, but I have problems with editing the pictures in correct form and exact wanted place... Here are some Details, just to take a look... Front wired Middome by AR-5 against backwired by the AR3a-improved, see the small frame in front.
  2. Hello again, just 13 years are gone by since my last topic ☺️ in March 2006 I showed some pics of my still favourised AR-3 improved. Last year I got the chance to get my hands on an unrestored pair of AR-5, advertised in Germanys „Ebay-Kleinanzeigen“, a kind of Neighbourhood fleamarket. The Neighbour in this case lived in Frankfurt, I still stay half an hour northwest from Hamburg... so just a 500 Kilometers between us to catch them... The overall condition is... used ... is a more friendly word, but at the end nearly complete and never opened before. The rotten foam surrounds is nowadays a quite easy job for do it yourself, so it was quickly done. As the next step I tried to clean the pots (Pollak- Boston-Mass.) which workes easy if you have the hands of a snake charmer. I used Sandpapier number 6.000 and ballbearing grease, they are now realy smooth to turn and without dropouts. What is missing? I need one of these black knobs for easy turning the pots, just as the picture below. This is the smallest problem... also missing is one brass plate AR-5 from the front...
  3. By searching for infos about my newest vintage turntable I stumbled over this super-interesting page under www.grammophone.net . The guys are offering the complete content of their monthly published paper. And this back to 1923 !!! This is not only vintage, this antique! After registration everyone may easily search and find a lot of information about equipment of all decades. Here for example what I found on the famous LST... http://www.gramophone.net/Issue/Page/Febru...973/156/786290/ , mark the page, click at "view as Acrobat" and read it in original size and quality, ready to be printed for your private archive. There are articles to several other AR Speakers. Have fun... Martin
  4. Recently I bought a pair of AR4-xa with worn foam surrounds as usually. Actually there are no offers for 8# Woofer surrounds in foam over here in Germany but I could get some cheapo rubber surróunds. Now my question, will this change the general sound of these nice bookshelf speakers or does it have only small impact ? Regards from Hamburg-Germany, Martin
  5. Hello friends, at first, I want to thank all of you, who are taking part of my problems and are so superkind with their help. I believe,all of you are really convinced of the quality of these AR-speakers and like a child waiting for santa claus I'm looking for the day of first connection them to my amp. You've asked for the figures of the caps, here they are: /4 (woofer) 2,60mH /5 (mids) 0,15mH /3 (mids-dividing) 0,90mH /6 (tweeter)0,10mH Now you see 7 simulations at 6 Ohms, bringing an impreesion of how the switches might work and the overall character of the crossover. Sorry, I don't know how to get the pictures directly in this post... Martin 1163.txt
  6. Hello friends out there, here's a plan for rebuilding a modified,more sophisticated crossover for my AR3-a improved.As a difference to the original version please look at the now 2 switches instead of the formerly 1 switch to increase or decrease the tweeter level. We are going to change this and place a switsh for also the midrange.Should get improved sound, as the pots in your original american versions seem to be dull over the time. What do you think of this? I will show you the completed parts when finally assembled, this will take some time as it is done after work. Greetings from good old germany, Martin 1132.txt
  7. Hi Mingh, here are 4 photos of the second Crossover, regards Martin, Hamburg 1086.txt 1087.txt
  8. Hi folks, just finished disassembling of my AR3A-improved models.Woofer foam is gone as expected,ordered a set from simplyspeakers yesterday.Are there any special hinds from your experience,which way to do it or just make it step by step as simplyspeakers told me? The two crossovers seems to come from different suppliers,is this possible? On the first is written by hand "AR3A-improved" an on the other one is stamped "Fleetwood industries" Would it be better to remove the A-B Switch for correcting the highs?
  9. Hello, I am a new member posting from Germany.As a lucky owner of a pair of AR3a-Improved I have some questions. What means"Improved" in this case? When were they produced? The woofers are with the cloth-surrounds,sadly damaged and broken. Replacement is offered by some specialists over here but always in foam or rubber,never the original cloth.What is to be preferred? I don't know,whether mids and tweeter are still ok, do they also produce problems because of their age? They are looking quite ok.On the back there is only a switch with A-B Positions,what is this switch for? Should I bridge it for better sound quality.I will demount also the crossover,has anybody a plan, which nowadays available parts should be used or a better plan? I read about changing the mids and the tweeter to dynaudio stuff for better overall sound-quality. Is this necessary or are there cheaper replacement-tips in your community around? Questions over questions, but I need helb to them back into the state to reproduce this fantastic sound I still remember... Regards Martin
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