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  1. Many thanks Tom for the tribute, As the owner of the AR-3a, AR-5, AR-6 and AR-LST, I truly appreciate Allison's accomplishments. VA
  2. Hi oldarnut, I'm building an AR-based HT system, and also find that the design of the LST/MST works very well as surround speakers. I use a pair of LST as surrounds, and MST as front wide. Main speakers are AR9. I wonder what you are using for center? Mine is a pair of AR4, but I find that the 4s seem to lack of mid-high, hence the dialogues become muddy and often difficult to hear. On the AR3a pots issue, I would suggest you to bypass the pots with a resitor set to the level that you often use most.
  3. Dear Minh I'm building a 9.2 HT system using AR speakers, and would like to seek your view on few things, especially with regards to the center speakers. My current system detail below: Front: AR9*2 Front wide: ARMST*2 Surround: ARLST*2 Surround back: AR4*2 Center: AR4*2 Subwoofer: AR3a*2 (using bass terminal only) Pre/pro: Intergra 80.2 MC2500: front channels MC2250: subwoofer channels The remaining channels are driven by Intergra DTA 9.4 7 channel amps @ 120w/channel/8ohm or 240w/channel/4 ohm, and capable to go down to 2ohm (at least on paper) My biggest concern is now the center speakers,
  4. How do you want it? With the grill on or off? sides/backs, etc? I got an early pair (plywood front and back baffle, early style woofer, etc) in really mint condition with all papers at the back. Let me know your email address. V.A
  5. Hi, Attached is a photo that show my LST on stands that made of solid Iron wood and solid steel. Over 150lbs per stand. I bought these LSTs last year with help from Tom Tyson. Thank you again, Tom. For almost a year listening to these LSTs, I've never felt satisfied with its sound, especially when compared to my AR-9. Until few days ago when I checked inside the cabinets and found some bad caps (see photo). After changing the caps. Everything is great, much better bass with clear high and mid. I urge you to check to make sure all the caps are within their tolerance. Nothing worse than a bad ca
  6. I order from this ebay seller for my LST/9/3a foam surrounds: http://cgi.ebay.com/AR-LST-Speaker-Foam-Re...=item45e00fb447 George and Allison are very nice. Make sure when you place an order to ask for the thinnest and most pliable possible. I've order from them many times (for me and for my AR friends) and found that the quality of the foam surrounds are not always the same.
  7. Dear Steve, Thank you and your daughter very much for this. As a proud owner of AR-9, I find it VERY INTERESTING to read and know better the design concept behind this great speaker. Cheers, Viet Anh
  8. Having discussed with Tom Tyson, I understand that this is not authentic AR stands for LST. They are beautifully made, though.
  9. Hi anh Minh, Well, I'm not that lucky cause I got to know AR speakers from my girlfriend/wife and more importantly from her dad who is now my father-in-law, so I didn't have the opportunities to invite girls to my home for music. And actually, many people in Hanoi don't like the classic ARs. They prefer the modern speakers of different brands that have brighter sound (Polk, Bose, etc.). Others go for fancy things such as B&W 801. AR's lovers are still a small number. Can you explain to me in more detail why the 2205 cannot drive two pairs of LST at the same time. I understand that the 2205
  10. Chao anh Minh, It's great to talk to a Vietnamese who have interest in classic AR. >What are you listening to, AR-3a speakers? I have a pair of 3a and a pair of LST which I like very much. I used to have a pair of 3 which I bought because it have a perpect cabinet (made of plywood and in perfect condition but the drivers are not very good, so I didn't keep the 3). I swapped this with my original 3a cabinet (MDF-and MDFs don't like the humidity weather in Hanoi) so that it can live with me for another 40 years. I'm still very young and want the 3a to stay with me for the rest of my life. I
  11. Hi, FYI, I recently bought the MC2205 from audioclassics and I must admit that they are very good at packing (I live in Vietnam, and the cost to ship to VN from states is even higher than to Singapore), so it would be fine for shipment. Only cost is an issue. But as many people on this website has stated: you will never over pay for the 3's. I don't know the price of the 3a in Singapore, but where I live, a decent pair would cost around $1,000. So $400 for the pair + $400 for UPS is not too bad at all. I got the problems with checking out the cart before, so I contacted their sales staff direc
  12. Hi there, There is a pair of 3a available at audioclassics.com for $399 (in speaker section). But it may cost you a fortune to ship to singapore because of the weight of the 3a. good luck Vince
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