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  1. Brilliant speaker. One of the best I've heard or owned, ever. This is an OLD post. Hope someone did a good job of the refoaming. You don't want to disturb the mass-loaded tuned woofer cones. I sent my woofers to a shop in PA that uses an electronic XYZ location so they don't have to remove the spyder dust cap to ensure the centering of the coil in the magnetic gap. Now, get rid of those film caps in the xover and...!! You know, lucky you. Free. These speakers, and even many of the other larger Snell models, can be white elephants. Can't even give them away
  2. Sorry about that. I'm in Waltham, MA, a few miles west of Boston. I'll modify my profile info with this information. - SJ
  3. On offer is a rarely seen model of the classic Infinity RS speaker line, the RS-5b. From the last years of what many Infinity speaker fans consider to be the classic Infinity, the RS-5b is still a very nice-sounding speaker. The RS-5b is a 3-way design using all proprietary Infinity-designed tweeter, midrange, and woofer drivers. This pair of RS-5bs is in excellent electical condition. All the drivers appear and sound to be in excellent condition. The foam woofer surrounds are in excellent condition. I would be surprised that foam surrounds would have lasted this long in such good conditi
  4. I was just up on this forum looking for some information on the 2ax. My father has a pair that has been sitting fallow for many years, and I'd like to see them stabilized, of maybe even put back into use. I just don't want to see them decay into dust. These 2axs are 1963-1964'ish vintage. The have the dual midrange drivers. Where can I go do get information on these? I really like the restoration guide on the 3a. Anything like this for the 2ax?? Thanks! - SJ
  5. When I was a kid, I build, modified, listened to, and enjoyed a lot of Dynaco stuff. I feel that Dynaco offered more honest value than just about any other audio products company. My father still has his PAS-2, FM-1 with MPX adapter, and ST-70, and my brother still has PAT-4, ST-150, FM-5, and X-30XLs. Among the Dynaco gear I had, I had a few pairs of A-30XL loudspeakers. Comparing them to a many other speakers in their price range, and the range I could afford, I obviously chose these. Checking in on the Dynaco scene on occasion, still thinking I'd like to play around with an ST-35, ST-70
  6. Hey, Tord! Congratulations on acquiring a pair of old school Cs. Are they Cs? Cis? Where'd you get them? What're your impressions? From you post it sounds you're loving them. Still loving them after a bit more time with them? Cheers, - SJ
  7. I have seen this speaker line mentioned, but infrequently. This speaker line was offered at the end of the 1970s. As I recall, the line consisted of three phase aligned, three-way, floor standing models, the Phase III model 40, 60, and 80. Sealed-box designs, SEAS drivers. The drivers were vertically mounted, aligned on their centers, and physically staggered/stepped, with the tweeter at the top and set furthest back. I had some experience with the largest model, the Model 80. - SJ
  8. The A-30XLs were late-1970s vintage, after the 1969 Tyco takeover, and about the time Dynaco was in deep financial trouble. The three SEAS drivers were vertically aligned on their driver centers, tweeter first, midrange, then woofer at the bottom. No vent or port. They were a sealed-box design. I don't know if they were made in Denmark, and I don't know how well engineered they were compared with some of the other Dynaco speakers. As I mentioned, my brother still has his. I'll get some pictures of these to post, and I'll give'em another listen to see how they sound. I'll probably have to br
  9. Anyone remember the Dynaco A-30XL? I ask because it's a model I don't see mentioned, ever. It was a 3-way design using SEAS drivers. I had a pair in the late 1970s, and my brother still owns the pair he bought back then. I haven't given them a serious listen in a LONG time, but I thought I just give them a mention. - SJ
  10. Probably WAY late in responding to this, and I don't have much value to add, BUT when has any of this stopped me from doing anything... I owned a pair of Cis for more than 10 years. I LOVED them. Great speaker. They had best bass performance of any speaker, subwoofers included, I've owned, or even had in my living room, and some of the best bass quality and quantity of any speaker I've ever heard. Soundstage and imaging are excellent. The E series of speakers is still an excellent speaker by any standard. I've spend many an hour enjoying my brother's E/IIs, and it's was an audition of th
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