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  1. It could be a prototype-- It's certainly the first time I have ever seen multi-conductor control cable used in a crossover. I'll open up the other cabinet soon. I'm expecting to find the same type of crossover in that one too The extra credit question was part of that post by Dick Pierce -- but it should be easy to answer.
  2. I found the story I read about the 50W resistor. It's still out there at this link. https://groups.google.com/g/rec.audio/c/RQhkcO0TgdM I posted it here in case the link goes away. Audio Anecdote of the <interval> Today's episode: Loose lips sink ships.. Back in the mid-70's, there was rumored to be a most amazing loudspeaker designer working out of the mid-west (Indianapolis) by the name of Roy Cizek. That he used some novel and questionable design techniques may be something of an understatement. For example, his solution to the problem of co
  3. And compared to a later model production crossover, it's like night and day. I'll be swapping out the early model for these newer ones, because I think they'll be much more reliable in the long run.
  4. I haven't visited here in a very long time... But though this might interest the Cizek fans. I have one last pair of Model One's that I'm restoring. When I opened up the cabinets, this is what I found for a crossover. Note the 50Watt resistor. I had read stories somewhere about someone listening to an early pair of Roy's Model 1's and suggesting (as a joke, I think) that Roy add a 50W resistor to the circuit , and then finding out that he actually did it. I guess that story might be true. And, one of the coils/inductors is made from multi-conductor cable with 7 conductors, with two
  5. rickrob2

    Cizek Model II

    Yes, they wouldn't be the same without the original woofers. I would have passed on them as well, as finding a pair of Model Two woofers today would be a tall task. I managed to find a pair of Model One woofers at a small stereo shop in Brookline 5 years ago. Used them to restore a second pair of Model Ones. The Model Ones in the pic you posted are the first pair I restored 6 or 7 years ago, still have them. If I remember, on some of the Model One Woofers-- Cizek went as far as welding the magnets onto the basket and I think they may have even charged the magnets. On a pair I have here, there
  6. rickrob2

    Cizek Model II

    Cizek made the woofers for the Model One and Model Two in-house.
  7. Dave, I first heard a pair of Model Ones in '82-- They belonged to my stepdad, and he purchased them in '78 I think. He later loaned them to a friend and never got them back. I found my first pair on Craigslist Boston 25 years later. I found the 2nd pair a year later which were given to me. I run one set on a late 70's and early 80's all Sansui system-- FR-5080 turntable with a Shure V-15 model III, TA-500 Tuner-Amp/SE-8 EQ/ SC5330 Cassette Deck and PCV-750 /CDV-350 CD players. What do you run your Cizek's on? I may be able to help you with some badges-- I made some reproductions that came
  8. Yes, I re-veneered the cabs on both of my sets of Model Ones. I used the Titebond Adhesive and Household iron method to adhere the veneer to the cabinets. I sprayed the De-oxit in the rheostats through an opening in the metal case , right where two black wires connect. I'm in the Boston area, about 40 minutes west of the city . Where are you located? Rick
  9. Dave, I have not not recapped my crossovers (yet), but I know what you mean about the coils. There's one that's glued right to a couple of the caps with what looks like hot glue. It would be a task to recap them. My rheostats are OK. I sprayed some De-Oxit on them when I rebuilt my Model Ones. I'm still working on the second pair-- The cabinets are re-veneered in Black Walnut. I still need to recover the front baffle board with new foam, make some new grill covers and refoam the woofers. Rick
  10. It could be a prototype-- I have an extra pair of Model one crossovers that I was going to create a schematic from, I never compared that drawing against the crossovers I have. Glad to hear the Model 1 is working. They're great speakers. I have two pairs that I restored. Pics of one pair of mine are in the Library section. Are you the original owner of your Cizeks?
  11. I had clipped/saved the image from somewhere-- I finally remembered that it came from this article. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...-1134814704.jpg
  12. Here you go. I'm pretty sure this is the Model One Crossover.
  13. Do your Model Ones have a label on the back? There will be an address for Cizek there. These are my best estimates: California Street in Newton, MA would be 1976 to 1978. Stevens Street in Andover, MA would be 1978-80. Canal Street in Lawrence, MA would be 1980-83
  14. I have a pair of Cizek Model One Woofers for sale. Refoamed and ready to go. $150 for the pair , plus shipping.
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