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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. As I would like to have you in Buenos Aires to hear more about these stories, as you can imagine they never arrived in Argentina, I appreciate sharing them with me.
    I tell you that the numbers are 31169/31170 and the year is 1958. The boxes are like new. Imagine if they were from the US embassy, and then had only one owner, they were very well taken care of.
    Unfortunately I sent the two woofer for repair, I prefer that they be measured with the same graduation. I send you warm greetings from Buenos Aires, and if you come one day, I would like to receive you. Hug.
    1. tysontom


      Hola, y muchas gracias por tu mensaje y palabras amables! ¡Disfruté mucho la historia de sus altavoces AR-2 y su gran herencia! ¡Muchas gracias! Saludos cordiales, y si algún día llego a ese hermoso país, te daré una "campana". --Tomás Tyson



    2. Nes



      you will be welcome

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