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Found 4 results

  1. AR8B cabinets and tweeters. Tweeter cones have a thin black coating which may not be original. (?) Grills need new cloth. Cabinets have some bumps and bruises. Have better pics of tweeters. Cabinets-FREE. Tweeters - Free Cab be picked up in SW MSP metro or will mail tweeters if recipient pays postage.
  2. So I bought a new multi-meter and decided to check the resistance of all the drivers on my AR18. So far so good. All drivers (woofers and tweeters) showed a good 5 ohms. While I was at it I also checked the capacitors I replaced. Still good there. showed about 6uF. On a hunch, I checked the older capacitors which were still in the cabinet. While one showed 7uF the other showed a insane 18.5 uF. Now using the calculator http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=1 , I figured the hi pass as intended by the company would be 5300hz. But with the wonky capactor it would be 1766hz. Would that have damaged the tweeter in the past? Sorry for such a noob question! Here is the older thread on rebuilding them
  3. New to the forum, so hello. I'm hoping for some help and advice on a pair of ARs I just acquired (thankfully cheaply). The Grill badge is AR-6, but the tweeters had been replaced with something from Radio Shack and some changes made to the crossovers! I have attached pictures in the hope that someone can identify which year/country of origin, if indeed they are AR-6s, and most importantly - where I might search for/find the correct tweeters (and crossover, if necessary)....
  4. This thread has been created to share my experience with the evaluation of two currently available phenolic ring tweeter (PRT) types as potential replacements to the original AR4x tweeter. Many 4x owners have experienced the demise of their original tweeters and seek alternatives to originals that are no longer available, except as used goods thru on line re-sellers.I will cover the investigation over a number of posts to follow because the volume of test data I present will simply be too much to include in one, initial post.Many readers of this thread may not know that two versions of PRT are available. Parts Express sells perhaps the most common one known. It's their 8 ohm p/n 270-252 http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=270-252 a nice bargain priced tweeter that conveniently has the same bolt mounting pattern as the original AR tweeter; thus making it a convenient, economical drop in replacement. This is most likely a S.E. Asia mfg. version of the original CTS PRT. The second, and perhaps less well known source, is Midwest Speaker (p/n MT-4107-8) http://w.mawebcenter...07-tweeter.html. MW also has a 4 ohm version, but that one was not included in this investigation simply because the AR4x is an 8 ohm speaker.Although both tweeters look exactly the same, and both are manufactured in S.E. Asia, their acoustic characteristics are surprisingly quite different. As such, utilization of each requires a different HP crossover for optimum results. Otherwise, harsh, unacceptable performance could be realized by an unsuspecting AR4x owner who simply switches out the dead original tweeter for one of the PRT's. I have been able to identify xo's that yielded reasonably flat FR and pleasing to listen to sound. [disclaimer note: the tests I share in this thread and xo's shared in subsequent posts represent one data point on each driver in my possession and may not be generally representative of these tweeter's performance characteristics] With Kent's help (AR4x original tweeter loaner), I was able to run electrical and acoustic tests on his, the PE PRT and the MW PRT. The impedance/phase tests results below show how the 3 tweeters compare. The PE tweeter's resonant frequency is much the same as the original 4x tweeter at about 1200 hz. However, the MW tweeter's resonant frequency is 3300 hz.
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