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Found 1 result

  1. Just curious if anyone knows who this auction site user is operating out of High Point, NC? Perhaps TomT since some of his copyrighted material was used with credit. These are historically relevant AR-3a speakers. Details about Acoustic Research AR-3a Loudspeakers OW, SN 62616 & 62621, Exceptional, Mint Low usage & in long-term storage -- Highly Collectible 10 viewed per hour Seller information acoustic-research-inc (260 ) 100% Positive feedback Item #: 322130316533 "This pair of AR-3a loudspeakers was originally ordered by this seller directly through Acoustic Research and delivered to North Carolina on June 23, 1972 for use by a large church for a choir-room sound system. These were ordered in conjunction with an AR Amplifier and other equipment specifically for accurate, high-fidelity playback of choir music and voices. This system was installed with the speakers completely protected and mounted in special enclosures slightly above head level that were flush with the wall surface. "In 1976, I (seller) replaced these two AR-3a speakers for the church with a pair of Acoustic Research AR-11s with slightly greater power-handling capability, and the AR-3as were removed, boxed and placed in air-conditioned storage. In late 1994, Stereo Review magazine (Julian Hirsch) contacted AR to borrow a pair of mint-condition AR-3a speakers to compare with the upcoming review of the new AR-303 (the AR-303 was intended to be a modern-day replica of the original AR-3a). Thus, this pair of AR-3a was shipped to AR and completely checked top-to-bottom and then measured in the lab by Ken Kantor and AR Chief Engineer Bill Bush, and then the speakers were sent out to Julian Hirsch of Hirsch-Houck Labs to be compared with the AR-303. A complete test report was published in the June, 1995 issue of Stereo Review magazine. The differences in those two speakers is shown on a series of response graphs which will accompany the sale of these speakers. A copy of the test review and the frequency-response graphs and measurements will be made available to the purchaser of these speakers." "These AR-3a speakers are highly collectible and in exceptional, mint condition, both physically and electro-mechanically. There are no issues, and the all drivers work exactly as when new without having to move the level controls back and forth. The level controls and crossovers have never been touched. These speakers have been carefully tested and perform perfectly. No modifications have been made to these speakers and they are completely original. The beige-linen grills are nearly perfect without any sign of deterioration or "dust" lines or fading of any type, and the logos are in new condition. The oiled-walnut cabinets are in flawless condition without any scratches, nicks or marks. These speakers have been used very little during the first two years, and they were used in the Stereo Review test and then put into air-conditioned storage from 1994 until 2016. Roger
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