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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, i have a problem with a second hand pair of Mg27 mono. The old owner gave the four 10 inches driver to a restore shop for new surrounds and they made a full restore changing the spiders (now are too strong but i still with a piece of the soft original one) and the coils too. I'm really not confident and sad about these renovated drivers and i would like to try to restore the original situation of these rare drivers. So i'm asking here to the Mg 27 owners in this website if they can please check the DC resistance and the inductance of the original 10' inches MG27 drivers and let me know the results. Will be really appreciated to know also the original diameter of the coil's copper wire. Please Help Help Help. Thank You in advance to everyone can provide help (even small details or small infos are really appreciated) about that. Sergio Italy
  2. Hey folks been a while - preoccupied with kids and all (two and through... hopefully). Finally getting back to the ARs and removed the cone / spider to find that the coil windings had partially come apart in the magnet. I found a few threads with some discussion on options for replacement but didn't see much on results. Apologies if I just missed it. Chances these can be rewound? I am able to reinstall them but they don't lay clean. If I was able to, it's clear I would need a glue of some sort along the way to hold in place and keep them flat. Otherwise, I know I could recone but I'm trying to preserve as much of the original as possible. If winding is not an option, can you just replace the coil? What are best currently available parts? Reading other threads, looks like John at M_sound closed up shop, which is where I ordered refoam kits previously. - Sean
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