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Found 2 results

  1. I just learned that the Bose 901 is no longer being made available from Bose Corporation. This would be the end of a glorious 50-year run for this fine old speaker, and it's probably safe to say that if founder Amar Bose were still alive, no one would dare discontinue this model regardless of low the sales volume! This is sad news, but nothing is forever, at least after the founder of the company has died. I also think the AWMS (Acoustic Wave Music System) is also discontinued. --Tom Tyson
  2. Sack from  Chicago

    New guy

    Hi guys and gals! Proud to say I joined the finest analog crew out there. I have a question: if Bose ended production just 2 years ago of the 901s shouldn't they still have new ones for sale? And if so what can I expect to pay? Thanks in advance, sack.
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