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Found 2 results

  1. My first speaker rehab is a pair of AR-5's. I'm on the woofers which I have determined have bad voice coils. Is it reasonable to think this can be repaired or am I at a point where the woofers need replacement? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi all! I'm hoping to draw on all the expertise on these pages by asking some questions are about the various products available that are supposed to dampen a speaker cabinet. One is “Black Hole 5” recommended by Jeff Glowacki, at SoniCraft. http://www.soniccraf.../blackhole5.htm Another is “Sonic Barrier Acoustic Foam” from PartsExpress. http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=260-520 Perhaps the foam from PartsExpress is supposed to be a dual-function substance, but I would like to understand “dampening” (or “damping”), specifically. On the face of it, these materials seem quite different in design and description from stuffing materials like fiberglass and AcoustaStuf. First, how will adding such a material affect how a speaker sounds, in general (if all else stays the same)? Second, do they affect box Q-factor? I’m currently refurbishing an old pair of speakers—AR-5’s, which is why I’m posting here. Setting aside questions of preserving original sound as much as possible, and (basically) vandalizing my speakers, I’m wondering what would happen if I put some of this stuff in the cabinet, in addition to the amount of stuffing originally in the cabinet. Does anyone have any experience with dampening materials (as opposed to stuffing materials)? Thanks!
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