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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all Have just picked up some ar7s they need refoaming. Should i refoam with longer life rubber or foam? Also the flat and normal switch on the rear doesnt seem to alter much any tips? Norville
  2. I've just uploaded some AR speaker reviews from High Fidelity magazine to my server. You can access them here: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/
  3. Hi everybody, I'm Vincenzo from Rome (Italy), and I'm new to the forum. It's a wonderful source of information, thanks for sharing! I've been surfing these pages in the last days as I happened to be gifted with two AR7 speakers. They were in not too bad shape, and I had the woofers refoamed and the tweeters repaired. I have (excluding sources) a yamaha C60 preamp coupled with a virtue audio one.2 in power amplifier mode (it's a D-class amp capable of 2X50W@8Ohm) and a pair of Thiel CS 1.2 floorstanding speakers. My room dimensions are 18'X12'X10' (WxLxH), and it has some openings to other rooms. My listening area is however quite compact, as the speakers with the listening spot make a 7' side triangle, and they are 3' off the wall (over the long side of the room). When I listen to the AR7 they are mounted on 15'' stands. I listen to music at a 90db level peak or so, and I like every style of music, but primarily classical. At the beginning I was thinking of keeping the AR7 in my bedroom in a second system, but as long as I spent time with them I realized that they are quite special, even if compared with the Thiels (!) One of the things I like most of the AR7 is their capability of disappearing, giving room to a wonderfully spaced soundstage and great focus on the players, especially with small acoustic groups. They are also quite brilliant if compared to the Thiels in the midrange, and again compared to the Thiels they sound more distant. I like much more having them in stands rather than close to the wall, although I know this is not the placement they were designed for. So I have to expect a little weaker bass response. If compared to the Thiels, what they lack is punch in the bottom end. Also, Thiels have 52 Hz@-2db FR, and thus they have not that bass extension, but you know, specs are often misleading when it comes to the character in the bass compartment. So my dilemma is: would the bigger AR speakers maintain this magic soundstage in my listening space and room, while giving more bass punch and greater low frequency extension? I've seen the frequency response of the AR6 seems wider in the bottom end, and my dream, reading in the pages of the forum, would be to have someday the 12'' 3-way designs (AR10pi,11 or 3a). I suspect however that, the 12'' 3way speakers listened from such a small distance, may give a lack of integration of the drivers, while the AR7 are perfectly integrated right now in my listening space. The reason I ask you more experienced guys this question, is that it's not easy to go listen a pair of perfectly working vintage speakers in my area and compare them with my restored AR7. As a final note, I have to tell you that these AR7 are wonderful speakers, and the bottom line is that I like them better than the Thiels which are very respected audiophile speakers of a higher price class. This is the proof that in hi-fi we need to trust only our ears... Thank you very much in advance for your replies and happy 2017 everyone! Vincenzo
  4. I saw a single AR7 on Craig's List in Brewster, MA. AR 7 Speaker - Vintage Acoustic Research Speaker - $35 (Brewster) Looks cosmetically nice. Needs re-foam $35 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dear All, Its my first post here, actually the reason why I signed up. I just came into the possession of a pair of AR-7s, they seem to be in reasonable condition, the cases only have a couple of scratches and the grilles are clean, they only have one tarnished brass? logo.. I have a couple of questions, I would like to know: Are these the original tweeters? Is it expensive for both bass units need to be refoamed? Are there any differences in the kits that you see online? Which ones are the better ones? etc Are they worth refurbishing? I would like to have some bookshelf speakers for the library (small box room) powered by some old naim gear (nac42.5/nap110/snaps), until I build something better.. Would these be worth the work? Sorry for all the questions.. Thanks David
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