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  2. That’s the ad and it’s still up. I was debating on these, but my current set of speakers is probably better sounding than these even when the AR3a are restored. I drove a long distance to pick up a set of Belle Klipsch about a week ago and came back empty handed, so a bit shy about more speakers now.
  3. Yeah that gets difficult. Having an actual spray set-up etc is almost a must to do lacquer at any scale. Got to be able to pull overspray away and out with a fan vent system and lay down the correct amount. But once that's all in place, lacquer is very forgiving. Even though I have all that system, I still will use rattle cans on small things. Cubes like speakers are tough though.
  4. Last week
  5. Read over this thread last night and still have the browsing link in my laptop Firefox history... here is some saving pictures and the Link for the AR3A late model.. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/ele/d/san-francisco-acoustic-research/7396748899.html
  6. Info: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/♫-post-pandemic-frankenfest-is-on-in-west-boylston-ma-saturday-october-23-2021-♫.958389/
  7. These that I passed on were on eBay in San Francisco. I don’t see the ad any longer. There are a pair of AR11 closer to me listed for $380 which have all the same drivers as the 3a advertised. I just sold a pair of 10pi, so not really excited about the 11s. Think I will just cool my enthusiasm and sit here listening to the LST-2s with Santana’s first album playing.
  8. Oops. Thanks for catching that.
  9. LST2 tweeters and mids have the same 8 ohm drivers as the AR-5, and would not be appropriate for any iteration of the 3a. The tweeters and mids of the 3a are 4 ohm drivers and are interchangeable with the LST. Both the 4 and 8 ohm versions were back-wired in later years. Roy
  10. A later model 3a would have the same back wired mids and tweeters as an LST2, and the woofer would be interchangeable with many later 12" ARs and not all that hard to replace. It might even have Compulytic caps that don't need replacing. If I was in the market for a pair and the cabs looked good I wouldn't exclude without checking them out.
  11. Thanks!....lacquer runs so easily that I was forced into just doing one side at a time...laying horizontally. That meant taping the other sides from over spray. Even spraying fairly heavy, it still took eight coats to get it where I wanted it. Multiply that for two cabinets. I didn't do one side eight times...as I did the whole cab once....sanded it...tack clothed it...then went again....eight times!...sigh. Got one done....then had the pleasure of doing another!..lol. I think I went thru like ten cans at about eleven bucks each. Absolutely will never lacquer another speaker!
  12. LS250 vs LS 250A Woofer and crossover with low normal and bright in rear both are awesome speakers. Goggle Tom Bozak
  13. LS-250 and LS-250s is crossover with low norm and bright on high end . woofer is not the same either . Both are great. I have a pair of mint 1979 LS-250-s all original drivers sweet music to my ears . This guy was way ahead of his time!!!! Google Tom Bozak WOW !!!
  14. Have you considered audiofriends.nl based in Holland. I used Fred's surrounds for my AR-9. https://www.repairyourspeakers.com/en/foam-rubber-surrounds/acoustic-research/1-x-foam-surround-for-ar3a-ar9-ar10phi-ar11-ar-lst/a-64-10000023 I used to get surrounds from US from https://www.speakerworks.com/11-Inch-Angled-Speaker-Repair-Kit-p/swk11a.htm I was VERY satisfied with their products, I only changed to reduce customs fees BRgds Klaus
  15. Was your Ebay source Vintage_AR? https://www.ebay.com/itm/194455255625?hash=item2d466fba49:g:aUQAAOxy7rdREiMo
  16. Any photos to share? At a time when people are asking very high prices, it might be interesting to see what a pair of $550 AR-3a speakers looks like.
  17. 82nd-EOD

    KLH model #12

    Hello JKent, Are you able to rebuild two #12 boxes? And if so about what would a total rebuild cost. Thank you Chuck
  18. That’s probably what I was looking for when posting….thanks. I told the seller I’m going to pass. By the way those LST-2 get better each time I listen to them. Gotta give them a bit more volume though.
  19. Just my two cents...that missing woofer will be difficult to replace with an original. "For Sale" examples are scarce so you could be waiting a while. My opinion is you are looking at a collection of parts in which the only items with immediate realizable value are the working mids and the derelict woofer, if it works. The tweeters are shot and need rebuilding. It would be a worthy project if the cabinets are sound, with no joint damage. I would give $350 max but start lower. Its already costing you fifty cents a mile to take a look. Good luck Adams
  20. I’m driving a bit tomorrow to look at some late model AR3a speakers. Asking price is $550. The mids and tweeters appearantly are working. The woofers…one with broken surround the other is completely missing. Local prices for these are in th $800 to $1200 range. What do you think of the price? Cabinets are an 8/10 from the photos. The mids and tweeters are the same as in my LST-2s and the backside labels are the Teledyne type.
  21. JKent

    KLH model #12

    Ebay. Watch for Model Twelve woofers with the double magnet. A pair of Model Five or Twenty-Three woofers would probably be OK.
  22. Troll

    KLH model #12

    I have two early (1968 vintage) KLH Model 12's. Both b ase speakers blown out. Any suggestions as to finding replacements?
  23. Wow, nice. Great work and results. What about the lacquering was a challenge and frustration?
  24. My supply of cloth surround dope has dried out. I purchased what I had from a person on eBay who formulated it specifically for AR speakers. Great stuff. I have a cloth surround 10” woofer from a W45 Wharfedale. The eBay source is not available right now. What are you using? I was looking at the Electric Guitar Amp forums, a lot of their speakers have cloth surrounds. There is no way I am going to use the voodoo goo they are suggesting.
  25. So I found this speaker the other day. Its from a 1958 general electric tv that had a record size speaker in it being the one I have. Well I was wondering what kind of money this could bring in if cleaned up properly. I tested it tonight and it works great and sounds super duper clear still for being as old as it is. Snapchat-1867080834.mp4
  26. I modified a pair of 94Si’s by adding an L-pad to tame the tweeter. Also increased the woofer cap from 40uF to about 70uF, made a grille to eliminate the sock and moved the terminals to the back. I sold them to an acquaintance and every time I see him he raves about those speakers! https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/topic/8149-ar-94si-improved/
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